Bathroom Design Trends 2015 – Part 2

2015 will bring some exciting new trends to bathroom and interior design. We take a look at the furniture, fixtures, fittings and gadgets set to be at the forefront of this year’s contemporary designs.

Stylish luxury

It’s all about style and function for 2015’s must-have bathroom products. Innovative ideas will see furniture offering more than just practicality, with technology introducing features such as touch-sensitive lighting, speakers and blue tooth.

We’ll see a move away from clear class for cabinets and shower screens, with smoked and tinted becoming favored alternatives. At the forefront of design demands, high gloss and mirrored finishes will be replaced with sumptuous skin and tone textures.

Increasingly popular, in both appeal and practicality, are sinks with vanity units and twin sinks – particularly for families or in luxury large en-suite bathrooms.

Energy saving

With people becoming ever-concerned about sustainability, environmentally friendly products will be prevalent, so we’ll see water-saving taps, toilets and showers, as well as low-energy LED lighting breaking through in this year’s chic designs.

As baths decline in popularity, lavish showers will feature strongly in design considerations – particularly where space doesn’t allow for both. Continuing to emerge as the ultimate luxury feature piece, however, is the freestanding bath, closely followed by frameless and walk-in shower enclosures.

Intelligent ideas

Again, technology dominates, with ‘smart-phone’ showers offering the epitome of up-to-the minute digital remote control over water flow, temperature and even shower head lighting. Colour-changing taps offer instant mood setting, with infrared sensors allowing flow control and temperature change indicators.

Lighting will be creative, for atmosphere enhancement, with white and coloured waterproof LED lighting being seen everywhere from cabinets to walls and floors. And, for the ultimate indulgence, 2015 will see the redefinition of the toilet, as state-of-the-art ‘smart toilets’ arrive, offering washing and warm-air drying.

Underfloor heating continues to thrive as a necessity, rather than a luxury, as bathrooms become more of a tranquil, spa-inspired area, with consumers demanding serenity and warmth.

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Bathroom Design Trends 2015 – Part 1

It looks like we’re set to see some exciting and diverse new trends for 2015’s bathroom and interior designs. Here we take a look at the colours, finishes and materials that are going to emerge as the ‘must haves’ in the coming months.

Colour frenzy

Colour is the key in 2015, with an eclectic mix of shades breaking through. Beige is out, as is feature-wall painting. This year’s spectrum sees everything from gentle pastels, smoky greys, rich leather, and marine, denim and indigo blue hues, to vibrant tones inspired by jewels and fruits, such as tangerine, lemon and lime. While clean, crisp white still sits proud and prominent as a trusted and sophisticated basic.

Nature’s finest

The sumptuous natural materials that we saw emerge in 2014 will continue to lead the way as a contemporary interior design requisite. Wood, stone and leather maintain their rise in popularity, for creating warmth, style and panache.

We’ll see designs continuing to move away from the high gloss we’ve become so familiar with in previous years. The soft tones of nature’s finest stone, leather and wood will dominate solid surfaces, from shower trays to tiles and worktops. The beauty of this earthy material trend is the stunning array of stone and wood-effect tiles available, allowing you to create this inspired-by-nature serenity in your home, with practicality and low maintenance.

Luxury finishes

Classic luxury is the key phrase this year. Matte and metallic finishes will be the definitive choice for everything from taps to light fittings. Brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, copper and brass will sit tastefully in the most stylish of bathrooms.

Prints and patterns for tiles and wallpaper will be bold and beautiful, adding a chic edge to any sized bathroom. Photographic imagery, art and abstract prints will adorn wall and floor tiles alike.

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