Bespoke Matki Preference shower tray with notched corner

Everything You Need to Know About Matki Preference Shower Trays & Floors

If you are looking for an alternative to standard shower trays, the Matki Preference could be just what you are looking for. Stylish, strong, innovative features, standard and bespoke sizes, Matki Preference shower trays and floors have much to offer. Read on to discover more about these great shower trays.

What are Matki Preference shower trays?

Preference by Matki is a premium low profile shower tray made in Britain using Matki’s own solid surface material. A stand-out feature of the Preference shower tray is the discreet matched waste cover, available in solid and slatted styles, that does away with the usual metal waste grate, giving a clean modern look. The range includes two tray styles, the Preference Shower Tray, and the Preference Shower Floor.

  1. Preference Shower Trays

A Matki Preference low-profile shower tray made from solid surface stone material with matching waste cover in white

The Preference Shower Tray is a low-profile shower tray featuring an upstand around the sides. Trays can be mounted on the floor or on a raised plinth and are suitable for use with all types of shower screens and enclosures. At only 35mm thick, including the upstand, they have a clean modern look and allow for easy access to the shower area.

Matki Preference shower trays and floors are finished in a slip resistant semi-matt white colour. The surface has subtle riven texture that mimics the look and feel of natural stone and also provides a good degree of slip resistance. A selection of standard sizes are offered, and bespoke sized and shaped trays can be made to order.

  1. Preference Shower Floors

A made to measure flush fitting Matki Preference Shower Floor in white with concealed waste

The Preference Shower Floor is an ultra-low-profile flat version of the standard Preference tray without upstands, intended for use as an alternative to a tiled wetroom floor. Measuring only 20mm-27mm in thickness (depending on the size of tray), they are designed to be flush mounted with the finished bathroom floor, giving an ultra-modern look and lip free access to the shower area. Trays have a lightly textured stone effect and slip resistant surface with a contemporary semi-matt white finish.

Preference Shower Floors are compatible with most wetroom shower screens and enclosures, including luxury 10mm frameless shower screens. Matki suggest that their shower floor trays should be installed in a “fully tanked and prepared wet room area”.

Preference Shower Floors are made to order and can be manufactured in an extensive range of sizes.

What are Matki Preference shower trays made from?

Matki Preference Shower trays are made from a solid surface material rich in ground marble

Matki Preference shower trays are manufactured in Britain using their own “Preference” solid surface material, a mixture of ground marble and polymers. Trays are of solid construction and finished by hand at their manufacturing facility in Cornwall. This innovative material allows the Preference shower tray to be thin but also very strong. And because the trays are manufactured in the UK, Matki can also produce bespoke sizes and shapes to order.

How thick are Matki Preference shower trays and floors?

Matki Preference shower trays measure 35mm in thickness. When mounted directly to the floor, the low profile allows for easy access into the shower.

Preference Shower Floors measure 20-27mm in thickness depending on the size of the floor and are designed to be flush mounted with the floor tiles. Removing any raised lip and providing level access into the shower area.

What sizes are Preference Shower Trays & Floors available in?

Matki Preference Shower Trays are available in 800x800mm, 900x900mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x900mm, and 1500x900mm standard sizes. Bespoke sizes and shapes can also be made to order.

Matki Preference Shower Floors are made to order and can be produce in a range of shapes and sizes. The bespoke size and shape options offered by Matki are discussed in more detail below.

Bespoke Matki Preference Shower Trays and Shower Floors

A great benefit of Matki Preference Shower Trays and Shower Floors is that they can be made in bespoke sizes and shapes. Perfect for when a standard shower tray will not fit or for creating an oversized luxury shower.

Bespoke Matki Preference shower tray with notched corner

Matki can produce bespoke Preference Shower Trays in sizes from 800×800 up to 2050x1150mm and Preference Shower Floors in sizes from 650x650mm up to 2000x1100mm. Preference trays and floors can also be made with corner or side cutout sections for accommodating features such as boxed pipework or nib return walls. Furthermore, they can be specially made in a range of shapes including square, rectangular, angled, pentangle, and curved formats.  It is also possible move the waste position; this can be useful for avoiding floor joists. The lead time for bespoke and made to measure shower trays and floors is approximately 4 weeks.

We are experts in bespoke and made to measure showering products, offering a variety of styles and options for shower enclosures, screens, and shower trays. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

What finishes are Preference showers trays available in?

White Matki Preference shower tray with matching concealed waste cover

Matki Preference shower trays are finished in a semi-matt white colour with an attractive lightly riven finish that mimics the look of natural stone. While Matki Preference Shower Floors feature the same matt white colour with a lightly textured stone effect. Both provide a good degree of slip resistance under foot. Preference Shower Trays and Floors are certified to DIN51097-B as “Anti Slip” and have a PTV 36+ “Low Slip Potential” rating.

Can Preference shower trays be repaired?

Matki Preference shower trays are very strong and durable, but in the unlikely event that the surface of the shower tray is damaged, chips and marks can be repaired. Matki state that their Preference trays are “easy to clean, durable and fully restorable”. Kits to repair shower trays can be obtained by contacting Matki directly.

How long is the guarantee on Matki Preference shower trays?

Matki Preference shower trays are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty for parts and labour, with a further 8 years on parts covering domestic usage. The product guarantee must be registered with Matki within 30 days of installing the tray. Full terms and conditions can be viewed on the Matki website.

What is the delivery time on Matki Preference shower trays?

For standard sized Preference shower trays, the delivery lead time is approximately 3 weeks. Matki Preference Shower Floors are made to measure products, the lead time for these, and bespoke Preference Shower Trays, is 4 weeks.

What do our customers think of Matki Preference shower trays?

Here is what one of our customers had to say about their experience using a Matki Preference Shower tray.

White stone effect Matki Preference shower tray with matching white waste

“We were looking for a quality shower tray without the usual chrome or metal waste grate, and we loved the look of the matching stone waste cover of the Matki Preference shower tray. The 1200x800mm size we required was not a standard size, but Matki were able to make the size we needed quickly. When the tray arrived, it was very well packaged, and we were really impressed with the quality. Being a solid stone shower tray, they are quite heavy, but it was easy for two of us to lift and install. The fitting instructions were easy to follow, and we simply bedded the tray on flexible tile adhesive. The tray was also perfectly flat, unlike the standard stone resin trays we used in our last house, and very easy to level. Installing the shower tray, including fitting the waste, took under an hour. We have a 3 bar shower pump fitted and, given the shallow profile of the tray, we were slightly concerned about drainage, but the waste clears the water with ease even on full power. Our shower tray has been installed for over a year now and is used every day. Cleaning is simple and the tray still looks like new. We could not be happier with the shower tray and will be purchasing another one for the other shower in our house. – Owen Josey, Pulborough West Sussex”  See images of this shower tray installed here.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a premium shower tray, or an alternative to a tiled wetroom, Matki Preference should be on your shopping list. Preference shower trays and floors offer a compelling combination of style, quality and bespoke options that mark this British made product out from mainstream shower trays. To see the Matki Preference shower tray for yourself, or for more information and advice on bespoke options, please visit our bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham Dorset or contact us.