Bespoke shower enclosures for loft conversions

The sloping ceilings that are the defining feature of many loft conversions will often prevent the fitment of a standard full height shower enclosure. The solution is to install a bespoke shower enclosure from Room H2o that has been specifically designed to accommodate the sloping ceilings in your loft shower or bathroom.

Loft conversions have become increasingly popular, providing a cost effective solution for adding space and value to your home.  A well converted loft can provide space for additional bedrooms and bathrooms at a fraction of the cost of moving house.  However, it should be noted that the characteristics of loft spaces present architects and designers with a unique and often complex set of challenges.

When considered in isolation the additional floor space provided by a loft conversion can seem generous, however headroom is often restricted due to the height and pitch of the roof.  Consequently the layout for loft conversions and bathrooms will require careful planning.

Accommodating a full height shower enclosure in a loft conversion

Reduced head height, caused by the roof line and sloping ceilings, is the most common issue that must be overcome when designing shower enclosures and bathrooms for loft conversions. In order to create a usable shower the head will need to be positioned above head height and in loft shower room this will often require the shower enclosure to be positioned adjacent to or directly below the ridge line of the roof.  However, the slop and angle of the ceilings will often prevent the use of a standard, full height, shower enclosure.

The solution to this problem is to use a bespoke shower enclosure or screen which has been designed specifically for loft conversions.  Modern semi-frameless shower enclosure designs, with minimal framework, are particularly suited to loft applications because they can be manufactured to precisely suit the angle and pitch of sloping ceilings that are the defining feature of most loft conversions.

Room H2o bespoke shower enclosures & screens for loft conversions

Room H2o have been designing, supplying and installing bespoke shower enclosures and wetrooms for loft conversions for a number of years.  We understand the unique design challenges that must be addressed in order to design a successful loft bath or shower room and offer a number of made to measure shower enclosures specifically for loft conversions.

With a choice of styles available from manufacturers such as Matki, Mistley and Simpsons we can help you to choose a design that will suit your requirements.  Room H2o can also assist you with measuring and installing your bespoke loft shower screen.

Please contact us if you require an angled bespoke shower enclosure or would us to design the bath or shower room for your loft conversion.  Alternativley please visit our bathroom showrooms based at New Malden in Surrey and Wareham in Dorset.