Hansgrohe EcoSmart Water Saving Shower Heads

While you were standing under a nice warm shower this morning did you consider how much water and energy you were using?

According to Waterwise*the average 8 minute shower uses 62 litres of water which is significantly less than the 80 litres used for the average bath.  However, a high pressure pumped shower can use as much as 136 litres.  So how can you save water and still enjoy an invigorating shower?  The answer is to install one of Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart water saving shower heads.

How do Hansgrohe water saving shower heads work?

Hansgrohe’s water saving shower heads work by restricting and aerating the flow of water to reduce usage while still producing a full bodied showering experience.  Many water saving shower heads require high water pressure, restricting the flow and then forcing it through a series of small holes to increase the pressure.  Hansgrohe EcoSmart shower heads feature an innovative flow limiting “precision O-ring” which flexibly reacts to the water pressure and adjusts the quantity of water accordingly.  The remaining water is then mixed with air before it passes through a series of specially designed jets.

How much water can you save?

Hansgrohe water saving shower heads can reduce consumption by up to 60%.  The extensive range of stylish “Raindance EcoSmart” overhead and handheld showers restricts the water flow rate to a maximum of 9.5 litres per minute regardless of water pressure.  Further savings can be achieved with the “Crometta 85 Green” handheld and overhead shower heads which restrict water flow to only 6 litres per minute.  Hansgrohe’s innovative range of water saving “EcoSmart” and “Crometta” are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

At Room H2o we pride ourselves on helping domestic and commercial clients to save both water and energy by providing advice and innovative eco-friendly bathroom products from a range of high quality manufacturers

Please contact us for more information about Hansgrohe water saving shower heads or if you would like to know more about reducing water and energy consumption in your bathroom.