Tips for Fabulous Small Bathroom Designs

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you’re restricted on how creative you can be with its design. With some clever ideas and expert advice, you can have the luxury small bathroom of your dreams.

Here are our top small bathroom design tips.

A space efficient small bathroom designed using virtual worlds bathroom design software

Sinks for small bathrooms

If you want to save space, corner sinks are a perfect choice, as are narrow troughs. When wall mounted, the low profile of a trough sink frees up floor space, which is perfect for storage. An oval sink is a highly stylish choice, which will also give you more surface space than a square.

Baths and small bathrooms

One of the fundamental considerations in small bathroom design is whether the space allows for a bath. If you have room for a bath, or you want a large indulgent tub, you could look at clever ways to free up more room around it, such as shelves built into the wall for towels and toiletries. Consider adding a glass bathscreen for the added practicality of a shower over the bath.

Shower enclosures for small bathrooms

Clear shower enclosures are ideal in a small bathroom, with glass being the perfect way to really open up the area. Use a glass panel rather than a door, as swinging doors take up valuable space and can be hazardous in a small bathroom. If glass isn’t an option, a clear shower curtain will allow more light in.  Bifold and sliding shower doors can also be a great option for small bathrooms as these types of shower doors do not open out into the room.

Cupboards and storage, making the most of small spaces

The less clutter the better, when it comes to small bathroom designs. There are many storage design ideas for small bathrooms available, including sinks with integrated cupboards and drawers, and toilets with built-in toilet roll holders.

Towel rails and shelving, maximising space in small bathrooms

Avoid having anything that sticks out from the walls, particularly in narrow bathrooms. Hooks on the back of the door are a space-saving way to keep your towels and dressing gowns handy. If you don’t have a vanity unit in your bathroom, a ledge above the sink is a great place to keep your daily essentials, without taking up any floor space.

Bathroom safety

Avoid anything that could be a potential hazard when moving around in a small bathroom. Tight spaces can make sharp corners dangerous – if the corners of a vanity unit would get in the way, opt for a rounded style. Keep any wall-mounted fixtures at a safe height and look for tiles and flooring that won’t become too slippery when wet.

Colours for small bathrooms

Keep colours simple – too many paint colours or busy wallpaper will only make a small bathroom feel smaller and cluttered. Two colours work well together, one for the walls and another for accessories. You could choose an unusual accent colour to add decorative elements to your bathroom, allowing the room to feel sleek and open, without overpowering it.

Mirrors, creating the illusion of space in small bathrooms

When it comes to design ideas for small bathrooms – think mirrors. Use as many mirrors as possible in your small bathroom design. When light bounces off the reflective surface of a mirror it will create the illusion of a much bigger room. Oval mirrors can also help to make ceilings appear higher.

Small bathroom lighting

As much natural light as possible is important to create a bigger looking bathroom, so never block windows. Clever lighting can help visually enhance the space – uplighting or cove lighting can help create the impression of a higher ceiling and, if you have a narrow bathroom, illuminating one wall will also create the effect of a more open area. Don’t use drop or pendant lights, as they will make the room look even smaller.

Tiles for small bathroom designs

The use of pattern is a great tiling idea for small bathrooms, as it will give the illusion that the room is larger. Bigger floor tiles will also help to open up the room, with thin (and fewer) grout lines giving the appearance of more floor space.

Our sister company, UK Tiles Direct has a fabulous range of tiling ideas for small bathrooms. The beautiful collection of ceramic, natural stone and coloured glass mosaic tiles are ideal for small bathroom walls and floors. And the stunning selection of large format and ultra-thin porcelain wall and floor tiles create a wonderfully spacious and seamless floor. Available in plain, pattern, wood and stone effect digitally printed finishes, these gorgeous tiles are the perfect choice for a luxury small bathroom.

At Room H2o, our experts are happy to help with all aspects of your small bathroom design. We provide free, no-hassle bathroom, shower and wet room design and installation, as well as tiling contractors, for any domestic or commercial project.

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