Make Your Bathroom a Safer Place For Old Age

With nearly 11 million people now aged 65 or over ensuring that our homes are suitable for old age is becoming increasingly important. Being able to continue to live comfortably and safely in their own home for as long as possible is a critical concern to many elderly people. One of the most essential elements in being able to do this is making sure that your bathroom is both safe and adapted for your changing needs.

Room H2O have put together a few practical ways in which you can make your bathroom a safer and easier place to manage as you, or a family member, ages.

This luxury large frameless shower enclosure features a level access wetroom floor and a shower seat perfect for elderly users

Bathroom lighting is important

Good lighting in any bathroom is essential. Dim or insufficient illumination makes accidents far more likely – hiding both trip and slip hazards. Make sure the lighting is bright and even, particularly around the toilet, hand basin and shower/bath areas.

Consider replacing your bath with an easy access shower

Traditional baths have high sides which can be tricky for people with limited mobility or balance issues. Replacing this with a semi-frameless or frameless glass shower enclosure makes access easier and provides adequate room for both you and a carer to assist, if required. Even a small change, such as installing a slim shower tray, will help.

Showers can also easily be fitted with seats, making things more comfortable if you have difficulty standing for any length of time. Elegant designs for these and foot rests mean a practical but stylish bathroom can be maintained.

For those who have severe access issues you may want to consider the installation of a complete wet room – this creates a level tiled floor throughout the bathroom with no ledges or trip hazards. This is most suitable for individuals who need wheelchair access.

In terms of the shower itself it’s best to have a shower head fitted on a riser, rather than in a fixed position. The ability to adjust or even remove the shower head, means that it can used when standing, seated or for hand washing.

For those who would still like the occasional use of a bath consider fitting one of the modern ‘shower bath’ options, with a built in door for easy access and a discreet shower screen.

Slip resistant bathroom floor coverings

The most obvious and important aspect of any bathroom is the floor. Remember: there is no such thing as anti-slip flooring for bathrooms. Whether you chose vinyl, tiles or natural stone make sure that you choose one which has a high degree of slip resistance – wet or dry. Texture finishes are best. Do not use any rugs or mats which do not have a slip resistant backing.

Underfloor heating is an excellent way to keep damp bathroom floors dry but is not always suitable for use with vinyl floor coverings.

Fitting an extractor fan is also a good idea to reduce the level of ambient moisture in the bathroom during and after use. Less condensation, especially on the floor, means less chance of a slip hazard.

Stylish hand rails and convenient adapted toilets

For many older people moving from standing to sitting, or vice versa, can be difficult. This is especially the case with modern toilets which can be quite low to the ground. Consider replacing with a modern raised toilet, available in a range of stylish designs and colours, in heights from 390 mm to 460 mm.

Hand rails positioned at strategic points in the shower or around the toilet are vital. Modern designs with stylish finishes, such as chrome or stainless steel, which match taps and towel rails avoid the functional, ‘hospital’ look.

For more information, ideas or to view our selection of safe luxury bathroom displays simply contact us or visit the Room H2O Bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

A Colourful Future For Shower Enclosures?

Word famous designer, Giorgio Armani, once said, “The difference between style and fashion is quality”. Whilst he may have been thinking primarily about clothes it’s a statement which holds true for many things: not least of which being the increasing popularity of coloured shower screens.

Looking back to the early 2000’s shower enclosures were almost exclusively only available with polished silver, white or occasionally gold frame around a clear, patterned or frosted glass. Whilst polished silver with clear glass shower enclosures remained a popular choice they were joined in popularity by the frameless or semi-frameless shower screens – utilising slightly thicker glass to offset the lack of framework.

Recently advances in both technology and changing tastes have seen somewhat of a renaissance in the ‘traditional’ options of polished metal, such as bronze, or plain white shower enclosures. Today, matt painted blacks, whites and a large range of varied metal finishes, such as antique gold, bronze or brushed stainless steel shower enclosures are adding to the choices available.

However, rising quickly in popularity a newcomer is starting to make its presence increasingly felt: the coloured shower enclosure.

Whilst innovation and changing tastes can always be relied upon to bring new styles and looks to a market this current trend in abandoning the older gold, white or stainless steel shower enclosures can be traced back to the introduction of coloured shower trays by manufacturers such as Fiora. Most recently, the launch of their ‘Box’ coloured shower wall panels – designed to match the colour of their shower trays – has stimulated the shower enclosure market.

It seems likely that rather than being a simple fad the increasing popularity of coloured shower screens marks a significant trend toward increased customisation – with an ever widening choice available to consumers and bathroom designers. So, what options might we see in the future?

Certainly, both frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures, featuring the traditional polished meta finishes will continue to be popular – Not everyone is enamoured with the idea of solid black shower screens! However, with an ever growing choice of colours and finishes available premium framed shower enclosures may well see a resurgence in popularity due to designers and shower enclosure manufacturers embracing new methods to drive creativity.

Whilst powder coating will undoubtedly enable customers to match their shower enclosure to a specific colour scheme, as with tiles and shower trays, metal spraying technology will also feature strongly. The ability to offer a wide range of metallic finishes and hues could well invigorate the market for bronze, gold or simple stainless steel shower enclosures again.

Naturally, it seems likely that it won’t just be the colour or finish of the frame which changes when it comes to showers – but also the glass itself. Whilst, coloured glass has been available some time the current trends point strongly to this becoming a much more popular option – after all why not have blue glass to match the frame and tray of your new enclosure?

To us it looks clear that the future colours and styles of shower screens will be far from a black and white choice.

Presenting The New 3D Shadow Tile Collection

At Room H2o we pride ourselves on offering our customers the ultimate in luxury bathroom products. So we’re particularly excited to welcome the New Year with the introduction of the highly innovative ‘3D Shadow’ Onyx-effect tile collection by Porcel-Thin.

Embracing advances in 3D digital tile printing, this outstanding collection of ultra-thin tiles offers a truly sumptuous addition to any bathroom. Traditional Onyx-effect tiles are given a whole new dimension with 3D printing, creating a depth to the tile’s surface that makes a beautifully stylish and subtle statement.

Tiles rich in colour and texture

This collection impeccably captures the splendor of Onyx in each tile, from the crystalline texture to the rich colours and complex details of its surface. With a beautiful polished finish, these stunning porcelain tiles are available in six charming colours – from the luxurious warm tones of ‘Royal Jade’ to the elegant stone effect of ‘River Onyx’ – each one is crafted to tastefully enhance any bathroom or wet room design.

A flawless tiled finish

The ultra-thin tiles in Porcel-Thin’s Shadow collection are less than half as thick and heavy as a standard porcelain tile, at just 5.5mm. But with absolutely no compromise on strength – independent tests have proven them to be almost twice as strong. And, because the tiles can be easily cut, drilled and shaped with standard tiling tools, you can be sure of a truly flawless finish.

This exquisite new collection from Porcel-Thin allows you to bring the breathtaking beauty of Onyx to any domestic or commercial bathroom or wet room, while offering low maintenance and durability. Available in extra large 1800 x 900mm and 900 x 900mm standard sizes, these ultra-thin porcelain tiles are also kind to the environment as they use less material and energy to produce.

Find out more about these exciting new 3D Shadow Onyx-effect porcelain tiles, by contacting us today.

Transform Any Space With a Luxury Shower Enclosure

At Room H2o we believe every bathroom should be a beautiful and relaxing place, no matter what size or shape it is. Our range of bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures, and made-to-measure shower trays, allow you to create a luxurious experience, in any space.

With our individually designed frameless glass shower enclosures, which we manufacture here at Room H2o, even the most awkward spaces, such as loft conversions with sloping roofs, can be transformed to your exact layout and size requirements.

Sleek design

Unlike standard shower enclosures, our stylish frameless showers have no metal fixtures or framework, just sleek, clear glass, which is fixed to the wall with discreet brackets and clear silicone sealant. This means glass can be angled and shaped exactly as you need it to be, to accommodate a sloping ceiling, beams or a dwarf wall at the end of your bath, for example.

Each frameless glass shower enclosure boasts extra thick (10mm) toughened safety glass and quality features, such as self-closing hinges, and we design each one individually using state-of-the-art technology.

Privilege made-to-measure shower trays

Our shower enclosures can be installed on both shower trays and tiled wetroom floors. To truly complement your shower screen, our stunning collection of Privilege extra-flat shower trays can also be made to measure, in both size and shape. This exquisite range offers the ultimate in contemporary bathroom design – hardwearing and practical, with no compromise on style.

Professionally installed

Our stunning showers need to be accurately measured and manufactured, so we highly recommend professional installation. We offer an in-house measurement and installation service, to make sure your frameless shower enclosure fits perfectly.

To find out more about our bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures, and our exquisite Privilege extra-flat shower tray collection, please contact us.