Kerakoll: The Only Tile Adhesive You Will Ever Need

As leading bathroom and tile specialists Room H2O pride ourselves on the quality of the tiling products we supply. For the best results we only recommend one company: Kerakoll.

H40 ECO TENAFLEX flexible mineral tile adhesive web image

Their superb range of flexible, high performance tile adhesives are the most versatile and eco-friendly available. Suitable for both professional and DIY use their selection of H40 tile adhesives set the benchmark for both interior and exterior use, including extreme wet environments such swimming pools, steam or wet rooms.

In addition, All of Kerakoll’s H40 tile adhesives are ideal for fixing almost any wall or floor tiles, including mosaic, ceramic, porcelain (ultra-thin and large format) or natural stone.

The Kerakoll H40 Mineral Tile Adhesive Range

H40 Eco Flex – Standard eco-friendly, flexible tile adhesive for indoor or outdoor use

Reliable white flexible tile adhesive suitable for floors or walls, including underfloor heating systems or damp environments. Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Tenaflex – THE flexible tile adhesive!

Fully waterproof and perfect for swimming pools, steam or wetrooms. Recommended for large format Porcel-Thin tiles. White (Eco rating 4) or grey (Eco rating 3) available.

H40 Eco Rapid – Extra-fast setting version of H40 Eco Tenaflex

Can be adjusted for up to 20 mins but is still ready to grouted and walked on in just 3 hrs. Eco 2 rated.

H40 Eco Rapidflex – Specially formulated for wooden flooring

Premium Flexible tile adhesive which can be used on wooden floor substrates without over boarding or a separate primer. The UK’s only P2 rated mineral tile adhesive! Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Flotex – Perfect for Porcel-Thin’s thin and large format tiles

Ideal for large and thin format tiles (such as Porcel-Thin), as well as heavy loads or high traffic areas.  3hr pot working time and 100% back coverage guaranteed, without the need for “double spreading”. Floor only use. Eco 3 rated.

H40 Eco Ideal – Your 1st choice tile adhesive for direct use on anhydritic substrates or plaster

Formulated to stop the usual reaction that takes place between normal products and the gypsum of water repellent base the anti-sulphate micro-components in this tile adhesive mean it can be used without a primer. Brilliant white, easy to apply and a no vertical slip guarantee gives a quick, reliable finished product. Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Marmorex – Strong tile adhesive for water sensitive marble

A unique no-stain formula locks in mixing water making it perfect for marble, natural stone, cement or resin based products. Strong enough for walls and floors, its vertical non-slip properties make it perfect for securing large marble products to walls. Eco 5 rated.

A full list of Kerakoll’s high performance, eco-friendly products can be found on our website, as well as that of our sister company, UK Tiles Direct – the official agents for Kerakoll products in Dorset.