Kerakoll High-Performance Eco-Friendly Tile Grouts

At Room H2o we endeavour to only offer our customers the best possible products, from some of the most respected brands. And with the Kerakoll Eco range of tile grouts and adhesives we make no exception.

Kerakoll FUGABELLA flexible and anti-bacterial mineral tile grouts for indoor and outdoor tiling projects

As the leading manufacturer of single-component adhesives, Kerakoll has been producing quality, high-performance tile grouts for over 40 years. Kerakoll’s vision has always been to ‘make a difference through sustainable innovation’, and this is evident in the Kerakoll H40 Eco range of eco-friendly tile grouts and adhesives. All the tile grouts are made from natural materials and are recyclable, making this the most environmentally friendly range of wall and floor tile grouts available.

The essential eco tile grout for any project

Whether a commercial or domestic setting, whether indoors or outside, the H40 Eco grouts offer high flexibility and durability, no matter what the project – from porcelain, ceramic and stone, to glass mosaics, ultra-thin and large format tiles. Highly water resistant, the bathroom and wetroom tile grouts are ideal for swimming pools and steam rooms, and suitable to use with both wet and dry underfloor heating.

High performance grouts for wall and floor tiles

Boasting a large number of coloured tile grouts, the Kerakoll range offers solutions for every taste and design. And, being naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, Kerakoll’s range of tile grouts, adhesives and sealants are extremely resilient to dirt, which makes cleaning and maintaining easy.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 0-5 – a very fine textured tile grout for thin joints

Scratch resistant and hardwearing, Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 0-5 has a fine texture and comes in 28 colours, with a range of matching silicone sealants. Suitable for 1 to 5mm joints.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 2-12 – tile grout for wide joints

With a slightly coarser texture for 2 to 12mm joints, Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 2-12 is a hardwearing, scratch resistant tile grout, available in 12 colours with a range of matching sealants.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco FLEX – rapid setting tile grout suitable for all applications

A rapid setting version of the Eco PORC grouts, the Kerakoll Fugabella Eco FLEX is extra fine, with a choice of seven colours, and suitable for 2 to 12mm joints.

Kerakoll Fugalite Eco – a special epoxy tile grout for wet environments such as wetrooms

Kerakoll Fugalite Eco is a liquid epoxy based grout, developed specifically for wet environments. Flexible and rapid setting, it’s highly resistant to damage, mould and bacteria, making it ideal for food preparation or medical areas. A choice of 30 colours includes options with Swarovski crystals!

Kerakoll Fuga Glitter – for tile grout that sparkles

As a decoration for the Fugalite Eco, the Kerakoll Fuga Glitter Tile Grout additive is a beautiful gold glitter that gives a dramatic and stylish effect, particularly when used against black tiles.

For details of the full range of Kerakoll high-performance, eco-friendly tile grouts and adhesives, please click here.

Kerakoll: The Only Tile Adhesive You Will Ever Need

As leading bathroom and tile specialists Room H2O pride ourselves on the quality of the tiling products we supply. For the best results we only recommend one company: Kerakoll.

H40 ECO TENAFLEX flexible mineral tile adhesive web image

Their superb range of flexible, high performance tile adhesives are the most versatile and eco-friendly available. Suitable for both professional and DIY use their selection of H40 tile adhesives set the benchmark for both interior and exterior use, including extreme wet environments such swimming pools, steam or wet rooms.

In addition, All of Kerakoll’s H40 tile adhesives are ideal for fixing almost any wall or floor tiles, including mosaic, ceramic, porcelain (ultra-thin and large format) or natural stone.

The Kerakoll H40 Mineral Tile Adhesive Range

H40 Eco Flex – Standard eco-friendly, flexible tile adhesive for indoor or outdoor use

Reliable white flexible tile adhesive suitable for floors or walls, including underfloor heating systems or damp environments. Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Tenaflex – THE flexible tile adhesive!

Fully waterproof and perfect for swimming pools, steam or wetrooms. Recommended for large format Porcel-Thin tiles. White (Eco rating 4) or grey (Eco rating 3) available.

H40 Eco Rapid – Extra-fast setting version of H40 Eco Tenaflex

Can be adjusted for up to 20 mins but is still ready to grouted and walked on in just 3 hrs. Eco 2 rated.

H40 Eco Rapidflex – Specially formulated for wooden flooring

Premium Flexible tile adhesive which can be used on wooden floor substrates without over boarding or a separate primer. The UK’s only P2 rated mineral tile adhesive! Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Flotex – Perfect for Porcel-Thin’s thin and large format tiles

Ideal for large and thin format tiles (such as Porcel-Thin), as well as heavy loads or high traffic areas.  3hr pot working time and 100% back coverage guaranteed, without the need for “double spreading”. Floor only use. Eco 3 rated.

H40 Eco Ideal – Your 1st choice tile adhesive for direct use on anhydritic substrates or plaster

Formulated to stop the usual reaction that takes place between normal products and the gypsum of water repellent base the anti-sulphate micro-components in this tile adhesive mean it can be used without a primer. Brilliant white, easy to apply and a no vertical slip guarantee gives a quick, reliable finished product. Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Marmorex – Strong tile adhesive for water sensitive marble

A unique no-stain formula locks in mixing water making it perfect for marble, natural stone, cement or resin based products. Strong enough for walls and floors, its vertical non-slip properties make it perfect for securing large marble products to walls. Eco 5 rated.

A full list of Kerakoll’s high performance, eco-friendly products can be found on our website, as well as that of our sister company, UK Tiles Direct – the official agents for Kerakoll products in Dorset.

Privilege Designer Shower Trays

When it comes to luxury bathroom products, Room H2o appreciates the quality, style and bespoke solutions our customers so rightly demand. So, we’re thrilled to bring you the stunning new Privilege range of low-profile shower trays.

This exquisite collection of extra-flat, designer shower trays offers the ultimate in contemporary bathroom design. Hardwearing and practical, without compromising on style, you can transform your bathroom with a seamless ‘walk-in’ shower effect.

Manufactured from a patented advanced polymer, the Privilege level-access shower trays have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, with a sleek, centrally mounted linear drain.  With high-flow waste of 38lt a minute, it’s suitable for even the most powerful showers, and comes in stainless steel or can be painted to either match your tray or create a dramatic contrast.

Designer shower trays in large sizes and 14 colours

With 14 colours to choose from – including six ‘nature’ colours, inspired by Italian marble – these beautiful shower trays add a touch of luxury to any wetroom. And the slate or brick effect textured finish will complement both modern and traditional bathroom designs.

The Privilege low-profile shower trays are easy to install and available in an extensive range of large standard sizes, from 700x1000mm to 1100x2000mm. And, and with no outer frame or up stands, the trays are only 25mm thick, so they can be installed beautifully flush with your floor.

Made to measure coloured shower trays

These stylish shower trays can be made to measure with cuts outs, and from 600mm to 1100mm wide and 800mm to 2000mm long. They are also available with a traditional frame, if you wish, giving them a thickness of 40mm.

The complete Privilege designer shower tray collection can be viewed on our website.  For more information regarding Privilege shower trays and made to measure options please do contact us or alternatively visit our showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Room H2o Dorset bathroom and tile showroom 01929 551963 or

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Kerakoll eco-friendly tile adhesives and grouts arrive at Room H2O

We are pleased to announce that Room H2O, in conjunction with our sister company UK Tiles Direct, has been appointed sole agents for the Kerakoll range of eco-friendly tile adhesives and mineral screeds in Dorset.

Kerakoll is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly substrate mineral screeds and adhesives that are suitable for use with ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles.  Kerakoll’s comprehensive range of eco-building products includes binders and screeds, levelling and self-levelling compounds, substrate preparation, adhesives, grouts and silicon sealants.

As winners of the 2011 prize for Sustainable Development, Kerakoll is a market leader in Green Building promoting innovative building solutions through the use of eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials.  Kerakoll products have a low environmental impact that safeguards the health and wellbeing of contractors and end-users.

Pallet discounts and free delivery in Dorset

The complete range of Kerakoll tiling adhesives, grouts, silicon sealants and substrate products are stocked by Room H2O at our warehouse in Wareham and are available for rapid FREE DELIVERY* to any address or site in Dorset and pallet discounts are available for tiling and construction professionals.  Pallet orders are also available for next day delivery nationwide.

If you would like to know more about Kerakoll eco-friendly tiling and building products please contact us or alternatively visit our bathroom and tile showroom on Sandford Lane in Wareham, Dorset.

*Minimum order value of £100 is required for free delivery.

VULCANO designer bathroom radiators with a difference

Bathroom product design is experiencing something of a revolution, driven largely by advances in materials and manufacturing processes that have allowed designers to become bolder and ever more inventive. The humble bathroom radiator or towel warmer, traditionally chrome or painted steel, has perhaps benefitted least from this revolution, until now. The VOLCANO collection is a new take on the traditional radiator which presents exciting opportunities for both bathroom and interior designers.

Created using a development of Fiora’s innovative SILEX stone polymer, the VOLCANO collection represents a fresh approach to domestic radiators.  SILEXPOL has been developed by Fiora to have excellent heat transfer properties while being highly resistant to impacts.  While the tech stuff is interesting it is the extensive choice of finishes and colours combined with the installation possibilities that make VULCANO an exciting proposition for interior and bathroom designers.

VOLCANO has been created to resemble a piece of designer furniture with aesthetics that would add to any room, be that a contemporary lounge, bedroom or modern bathroom.  Measuring only 30mm in thickness these designer radiators can be purchased in 3 sizes which include 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm heights each 500mm in width, however, of greater interest is the extensive choice of colours and finishes.  VOLCANO can be specified in 5 stunning textured finishes including patterns and stone effects, which can be matched to Fiora bathroom vanity units and cabinets, and a staggering choice of 52 different colours, from cool pastel shades to dark graphite and slate tones.  In addition to colour and finish options VOLCANO can also be specified with stylish towel rails for use within the bathroom, wetroom or shower areas.

VOLCANO is both elegant and aesthetically pleasing and this creates opportunities for installation that would not normally be considered with a traditional radiator, such as horizontal mounting in place of a piece of artwork or collectively to resemble decorative stone panels.  With elegant but discrete connections the possibilities for installation are as diverse as the range of colours and finishes.

The Fiora VOLCANO designer interior and bathroom radiators are priced from £765.  For more information about this exciting new radiators or indeed any products from the extensive Fiora shower tray and bathroom furniture collection please do contact us or alternatively visit our bathroom design studio’s which are based in Wareham, Dorset and Epsom, Surrey.

Contact our Dorset bathroom design team on 01929 551963 or

Ashton and Bentley luxury freestanding baths

When did you last enjoy a long hot soak in the bath? A recent survey revealed that 1 in 6 adults polled could not remember the last time they enjoyed a relaxing soak. The convenience of a shower fits perfectly with time constrained modern life. However, as luxury freestanding bath manufacturer Ashton and Bentley appreciate, when you want to relax and sooth away the stresses and strains of the day there is little to rival a long hot soak in a deep bath.

When designing a large luxury bathroom with space for both a shower and a bath the traditional tub is no longer just a functional piece of equipment, rather it has become a piece of furniture where design and aesthetics are as important as practicality and functionality.  A large luxury freestanding bath will often form the centre piece around which the rest of the bathroom is designed.

Ashton and Bentley are designers and manufacturers of luxury freestanding baths.  Their extensive range of contemporary and period baths includes roll top, slipper and double ended styles which are available in range of standard and extra-large sizes.

At a time when many bathroom brands manufacture products abroad, Ashton and Bentley successfully fly the flag for British manufacturing and innovation.  Each and every luxury bath in their extensive range is produced at their UK factory where finishing is carried out by skilled craftsmen.

Traditionally baths have been predominantly produced in either acrylic or steel, however, Ashton and Bentley crafts each bath from a material called Correro™, a type of polymer rich in white marble and exclusive to the brand.  Each Ashton and Bentley bath is vacuum formed from solid sheets of this innovative material.  The result is a finished product of the highest quality possessing great strength and thermal efficiency.

Whether you preference is for a deep or extra-large contemporary bath or a traditional roll top bath with elegant decorative cast legs there is something in the range to suit all tastes, however, there are also some interesting finishes and personalisation options.  The stunning Correro Metallic™ freestanding bath collection features a range of oxidised metallic finishes, providing the timeless beauty and appearance of a metal bath without the associated weight and thermal inefficiencies.  A further interesting option is the “self-paint bath”.  This range of traditional freestanding roll top baths provides a blank canvas for personalisation, designed to be painted by the customer in a colour or design of their choosing.

For more information about Ashton and Bentley luxury freestanding baths please do contact the design team at Room H2o or alternatively visit our Surrey and Dorset bathroom showrooms which are located in New Malden and Wareham.

Period bathroom furniture with a contemporary twist

Designed in a classic French style, the contemporary Vivaldi Collection from Fiora is a modern take on vintage and period bathroom furniture.

Vivaldi is the creation of Spanish designer bathroom brand Fiora and combines period elegance with modern materials resulting in a collection of beautiful and practical bathroom furniture.  The range includes freestanding vanity units, available in 1000mm and 1200mm widths, with integrated basins and elegant bathroom cabinets in conjunction with wall hung cabinets and mirrors.  The basin and work surface are formed in one seamless piece from Fiora’s patented Silex polymer compound and the result is both beautiful and practical.

Vivaldi vintage style bathroom furniture is available in four colours which include, Creama, Blanco, Nero, Plata and two decorative styles, Flores and Ondas.  Flores is a delightfully delicate floral pattern and Ondas is inspired by organic textures.  The Silex basins and worktops that accompany the vanity units, which feature either twin or single drawers, are available in range of colours including White, Cream, Beige, Gold, Grey, Cement, Titanium and Wenge.  In addition to Silex polymer basins the collection also includes a beautiful polished aluminium version that looks simply stunning when combined with a Wenge vanity unit.

Vintage and period themes are currently popular with both interior and fashion designers.  Vivaldi combines the elegance of the old with the simple beauty and practicality of the new in a timeless contemporary design that is equally suited to a period bathroom scheme incorporating wood panelling and painted surfaces or modern wetroom combined with rich natural materials.

For more information about the stunning Vivaldi range of bathroom furniture please contact us or alternatively see the collection for yourself at our showrooms which are located at Wareham in Dorset and New Malden in Surrey.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Work of Art

Have you ever thought of turning your bathroom into a fabulous piece of artwork? Well now you can with Porcel-Thin?s exclusive range of digitally printed ART tiles.

The ART Collection, from ultra-thin porcelain tile brand Porcel-Thin, includes a range of standard prints of paintings and sketches inspired by landscapes, nature, oriental, abstract and theatre.  Each image is digitally printed across a series of large format 1200 x 600mm porcelain tiles, measuring only 4.8mm in thickness.  Each design is printed to order with the image sized to each customer’s individual requirements.

The choice of designs is not limited to those included in the ART Collection, just about any image can be accurately reproduced by Porcel-Thin on large format porcelain tiles.  Be that a favourite work of art or a treasured memory caught on camera.  Furthermore, the extra-large 1200 x 600mm format of Porcel-Thin tiles ensures that unsightly grout lines are reduced to a minimum, allowing the image to take centre stage.

Tiles have traditionally been used in bathrooms and kitchens, however, advances in tile design and underfloor heating technology now present a wide range of possible domestic and commercial applications and digitally printed tiles offer further possibilities for interior designers.  Perhaps you would like to create a feature wall in a lounge depicting a design of your choice or display a logo or mission statement in the reception of your offices, both scenarios can be easily achieved with Porcel-Thin ART tiles.

Tiles from the Porcel-Thin ART Collection are manufactured to order with a delivery lead time of 8 weeks.  If you would like to know more about ART tiles or any of the 8 stunning large format ultra-thin tile collections offered by Porcel-Thin please do contact the experts at Room H2o or alternatively see the collections for yourself at our bathroom and tile showrooms which are located in Wareham, near Pool in Dorset or just minutes from the A3 in New Malden Surrey.

With the Porcel-Thin ART tile collection domestic and commercial bathrooms and interiors need never be boring again!

A Simple Guide to Underfloor Heating

The concept of underfloor heating is not a new one. It is known that smoke channelled through covered trenches was used to heat the stone floors of dwellings as far back as 5000 BC. Nowadays underfloor heating is a popular choice and consequently there is a wide range of sophisticated systems available which are suitable for projects ranging from large new build houses to the simple renovation of a bathroom. But what is underfloor heating and why would you want to install it?

What is under floor heating?

Underfloor heating works by using the floor as a radiator to warm the room from the ground up.  By heating the floor radiant warmth is created which rises slowly, producing an even temperature that tends to provide comfort at levels below that of a traditional radiator heating system.  Due to lower operating temperatures underfloor heating can often be a more efficient way of heating a home.

What are the potential benefits of underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating can have many benefits over traditional radiator heating systems:

  • Removing radiators creates space and makes it easier to position furniture.
  • Rooms are heated evenly, eliminating hot and cold areas.
  • Heat is released from the thermal slab slowly keeping areas warm for longer.
  • Cost savings can be achieved as a lower temperature is required to heat the room.
  • Rising heat keeps the feet and body warmer and head cooler, providing a more comfortable and less stuffy environment.
  • Underfloor heating will help to control moisture and dry floors in wet areas such as bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens.
  • It is thought that there are also hygiene benefits to underfloor heating.  The even heat produced helps to prevent drafts and reduce dust particles and the reduction in humidity helps to prevent and control dust mites.
  • Warm floors allow for practical surface finishes such as tiles to be used without feeling cold.

Are there any potential disadvantages associated with underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating has few disadvantages but there are some aspects that should be considered.

  • The reaction time of some systems can be quite slow because the thermal slab has to be heated to working temperature.  It should be noted that some electric systems can reach working temperature in a little as 5-10 minutes.  Warm up times are dependent upon the type of system used and the thermal efficiency of the floor slab.
  • Wet underfloor heating systems can be expensive and difficult to retro fit into existing buildings and are better suited to new builds and extensions.
  • Not all electric underfloor heating systems are compatible with wetroom tanking systems.

What types of underfloor heating are available?

Underfloor heating systems are available in either wet (piped hot water) or dry (electric) formats and it is important to select the right system for your project.  So what exactly are wet and dry underfloor heating systems?

Wet underfloor heating systems

Wet underfloor heating systems channel hot water, supplied by your boiler or equivalent heating source, through a grid of plastic water pipes which are laid beneath floor and encased in heat conducting screed.  The hot water heats the floor slab turning it into a radiator.

A wet underfloor heating system can be as much as 25-30% more efficient than a comparable radiator heating system because the water used to heat the thermal slab is cooler and therefore costs less to heat.  However, a wet underfloor heating system can take up to two hours from cold to reach working temperature because the thermal slab must first be heated which can partially offset a proportion the cost savings.

Installing a wet underfloor heating system is not a simple task, floors will have to be excavated and manifolds for controlling the system will be required.  For this reason Wet underfloor heating is best suited to new builds or extensions and professional advice should be taken in regard to both the design and installation of your heating system.  The applications for wet underfloor heating are wide and varied and it is therefore difficult to provide a definitive indication of cost, however, for a rough guide budget for £25 – £30 per square metre for supply and installation.

Dry underfloor heating systems

Dry underfloor heating systems use electricity to radiate heat through a grid of wires which are available in either “loose wire” or “matting” formats.  Typically electric underfloor heating is laid over the top of the existing sub floor, although insulation board must be laid first.  However there are electric underfloor heating systems such as “Thermoduo” by “Thermogroup” which are designed, like piped hot water systems, for use in concrete screeds.

Electric underfloor heating is generally not quite as efficient as a wet system.  However, it is significantly cheaper to buy and install and because it is laid on top of the existing floor warm up times can be significantly less than for an equivalent wet system, as little as 5 – 10 minutes in many instances.  Again, systems and specifications vary and therefore it is difficult to give a definitive indication of price, however, budget for a minimum of £15 per square metre.  The cost of installing an “in screed” electric underfloor heating system should be comparable with a wet piped hot water system.

Electric underfloor heating systems can be purchased as kits containing all of the required components including a time clock and comprehensive instructions.  Installing electric underfloor heating is relatively straight forward and can be undertaken by any competent person.  However, the system should be tested and commissioned by a Part P qualified electrician.

So which is better, wet or electric underfloor heating?

The answer to this question is largely dependent upon your own circumstances, requirements and budget.

Wet underfloor heating systems are generally more efficient and can be cheaper to run than electric systems but they are more difficult, expensive and intrusive to install.  These complex systems are a sensible option if you are considering a large extension or new-build, however, they are generally not well suited to smaller scale renovations.

Electric underfloor heating, although not generally as efficient as a wet system, is significantly cheaper to buy, easy and simple to install and perfect for smaller projects such as renovating bathrooms and kitchens or installing a wetroom.

What types of floor covering are suitable for use with underfloor heating?

There are hot water and electric underfloor heating systems available to suit most types of floor construction and covering.  It is, however, important to consult the manufacturers of the floor covering and heating system to ensure that the two are compatible.

Stone, ceramic and porcelain floors

Stone and tile floors have become increasingly fashionable, not only in traditional spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens but now also lounge’s, hallways and dining rooms.  Both electric and wet underfloor heating systems are suitable for use with tile and stone finishes and will keep floors warm and free of moisture.  However, the warm up response time may vary depending upon the thickness of the floor covering, ultra-thin tiles such as Porcel-Thin can speed this up.  Consideration should also be given to adhesives, grouts and wetroom tanking systems which should be suitable for use with underfloor heating.  Contact the floor and underfloor heating manufacturers for advice.

Wooden floors

Natural and engineered wooden floors can be used in conjunction with wet and electric underfloor heating.  However, you should select a product that is specifically designed to work with underfloor heating and expansion gaps will be required to accommodate movement.  Speak to the flooring retailer or manufacturer for advice on installing the floor and selecting a compatible underfloor heating system.

Vinyl floors

If Vinyl is your floor covering of choice it must be of good quality and designed to work specifically with underfloor heating.  It is likely that the underfloor heating will need to be covered by a thin layer of screed or levelling compound to provide a suitable surface for the vinyl and It is therefore advisable to seek advice from a flooring expert or manufacturer regarding products, compatible underfloor heating systems and installation.

Carpets and wooden floors

Underfloor heating systems such as “Thermocarbon” by Thermogroup, have been specifically developed for use with carpet and floating wooden floors.  Systems of this type feature an ultra-thin carbon fibre heating element that is designed to lay flat under the finished floor.

However, for guidance it is worth noting that carpets and underlays should not have a combined thermal resistance of greater than 2.5 Togs.  A higher rating may impede the heat from radiating effectively.

Natural and engineered wooden floors can be used in conjunction with wet and electric underfloor heating.  However, you should select a product that is specifically designed to work with this type of heating system and expansion gaps will be required to accommodate movement.

It is always advisable to seek professional advice when choosing underfloor heating and floor coverings in order to ensure that they are compatible.

What does underfloor heating cost to run?

Although underfloor heating can have a beneficial effect on the efficiency and running costs of a heating system it should not be overlooked that comfort, health, environment and design are equally important factors for consideration.

That said, potentially significant cost savings can be achieved and that is a compelling incentive for many people.  However, it is very difficult to provide accurate information regarding running costs and potential savings as this is largely dependent upon the type and complexity of the system used and, possibly of most importance, the thermal performance of the floor and building.  Installing electric underfloor heating in bathroom may be a luxury or practical choice rather than a decision lead purely by running costs, whereas a wet underfloor heating system combined with a ground source heat pump could provide significant savings.

For a more accurate indication of running costs it is advisable to obtain energy and performance data from the manufacturer of your chosen system.

Is there anything to consider before installing underfloor heating?

Insulation, for underfloor heating to work efficiently the sub floor or slab must be adequately insulated.  The manufacturer’s installation instructions should provide the insulation requirements.  If the sub floor is not adequately insulated the heating system will take longer to warm up and more energy will be consumed maintaining the temperature.  Insulation is therefore one of the most important underfloor heating considerations.

Both wet and dry underfloor heating systems work in conjunction with thermostats, and are often connected to a time clock, which will need to be wall mounted in a convenient location.  Furthermore, wet underfloor heating systems often require flow control manifolds to be sited in each room.  The position and accessibility of all these controls should be carefully considered, take professional advice even if you intend to install the system yourself.

Ensure that floor coverings, screeds, tile adhesives, grouts and wetroom tanking systems are compatible for use with your chosen underfloor heating system.

This guide is intended only to provide an introduction to the concept underfloor heating.  The choice of underfloor heating products is vast and many are highly sophisticated and it therefore important to consult a tile or flooring expert and seek their recommendations.

Notes about this guide

The purpose of this article is to provide an introduction and overview of underfloor heating systems and it is not intended to be a detailed technical guide. Room H2o is a stockist and retailer of Thermogroup electric underfloor heating products.  Images of electric underfloor heating products accompanying this article have been kindly provided by Thermogroup.

If you would like advice regarding electric underfloor heating please contact us or if you wish to experience the warmth for yourself please do visit our bathroom showrooms which are located in New Malden Surrey and Wareham in Dorset.

Porcel-Thin ultra thin wall and floor tiles

At only 4.8mm in thickness the revolutionary range of Porcel-Thin tiles are stronger, lighter and more environmentally friendly than standard porcelain equivalents.

Porcel-Thin is a revolutionary ultra-thin large format tile that, at only 4.8mm in thickness, is both thinner and lighter than standard porcelain and this means that Porcel-Thin tiles can be manufactured in larger sizes while still being manageable to handle and install.  Standard Porcel-Thin tiles measure 1200 x 600mm, meaning faster coverage and less grouting.  Furthermore, bespoke sizes and screen printing are available as options for larger interior fit out projects.

The strength and durability of the Porcel-Thin Tile combined with a choice of glazed and textured finishes means that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, from floors and walls to wet rooms and feature walls.  Porcel-Thin tiles also possess very low water and dirt absorption properties and are therefore ideally suited to high traffic or wet areas such as hotel lobbies or commercial bathrooms.

The environmental impact of the Porcel-Thin tile is also less than that of traditional ceramics, typically, requiring 60% less mineral resources to produce with a corresponding reduction in carbon and solid emissions of around 50%.

Porcel-Thin Tiles are available in 7 styles including simple pastel shades, striking metallic finishes, marble and stone effects, patterns and finally screen printed art including black and white imagery.  For more information about Porcel-Thin Tiles please contact us or alternatively visit our showrooms at New Malden in Surrey or Wareham in Dorset.