Ashton and Bentley luxury freestanding baths

When did you last enjoy a long hot soak in the bath? A recent survey revealed that 1 in 6 adults polled could not remember the last time they enjoyed a relaxing soak. The convenience of a shower fits perfectly with time constrained modern life. However, as luxury freestanding bath manufacturer Ashton and Bentley appreciate, when you want to relax and sooth away the stresses and strains of the day there is little to rival a long hot soak in a deep bath.

When designing a large luxury bathroom with space for both a shower and a bath the traditional tub is no longer just a functional piece of equipment, rather it has become a piece of furniture where design and aesthetics are as important as practicality and functionality.  A large luxury freestanding bath will often form the centre piece around which the rest of the bathroom is designed.

Ashton and Bentley are designers and manufacturers of luxury freestanding baths.  Their extensive range of contemporary and period baths includes roll top, slipper and double ended styles which are available in range of standard and extra-large sizes.

At a time when many bathroom brands manufacture products abroad, Ashton and Bentley successfully fly the flag for British manufacturing and innovation.  Each and every luxury bath in their extensive range is produced at their UK factory where finishing is carried out by skilled craftsmen.

Traditionally baths have been predominantly produced in either acrylic or steel, however, Ashton and Bentley crafts each bath from a material called Correro™, a type of polymer rich in white marble and exclusive to the brand.  Each Ashton and Bentley bath is vacuum formed from solid sheets of this innovative material.  The result is a finished product of the highest quality possessing great strength and thermal efficiency.

Whether you preference is for a deep or extra-large contemporary bath or a traditional roll top bath with elegant decorative cast legs there is something in the range to suit all tastes, however, there are also some interesting finishes and personalisation options.  The stunning Correro Metallic™ freestanding bath collection features a range of oxidised metallic finishes, providing the timeless beauty and appearance of a metal bath without the associated weight and thermal inefficiencies.  A further interesting option is the “self-paint bath”.  This range of traditional freestanding roll top baths provides a blank canvas for personalisation, designed to be painted by the customer in a colour or design of their choosing.

For more information about Ashton and Bentley luxury freestanding baths please do contact the design team at Room H2o or alternatively visit our Surrey and Dorset bathroom showrooms which are located in New Malden and Wareham.