Roper Rhodes 20% Off Sale at Room H2o Until 28th February!

We’re delighted to announce all of our Roper Rhodes products in our Wareham showroom are on offer at an amazing 20% off! But hurry, this we fabulous sale is only on until 28 February!

Roper Rhodes Burford grey shaker style fitted bathroom furniture with basin and toilet

As one of the leading brands of luxury bathroom furniture and bathroom productsRoper Rhodes boasts over 30 years of experience in designing and developing stunning bathrooms. And, at Room H2o, we’re proud to be the leading supplier of these stylish products in Dorset.

With the perfect combination of style and functionality, our Roper Rhodes products and furniture are hugely popular and work perfectly within both modern and traditional bathrooms. From toilets, taps and showers, to cabinets, mirrors and other accessories, the Roper Rhodes range offers something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Roper Rhodes R2 modern grey gloss freestanding washbasin and vanity unit

To celebrate this amazing 20% off sale, we’ve dedicated a selection of displays in our showroom in Wareham, Dorset, to showcase the stunning design and versatility of the Roper Rhodes collection. One of the most popular ranges we sell is what is known as the ‘R2’ products – these are not only of exceptional quality, but are very keenly priced. The most popular being the ‘Muse’ range, in white – we have fitted many of these items as part of our bathroom design and installation services.

Roper Rhodes Muse glass white fitted bathroom furniture with semi recessed basin

To see these fabulous products, visit our large showroom where our two display bathrooms feature a selection of vanity units, toilets and wash basins in a variety of fabulous colours, styles, materials and finishes. We also have many other bathroom products and furniture from Roper Rhodes on display around the showroom.

Modern grey Muse fitted bathroom furniture with integral worktop and basin by Roper Rhodes

Don’t forget – this fabulous 20% off sale ends on 28 February, so what are you waiting for? Visit our large showroom in Wareham, Dorset today and see the beauty of these products for yourself.

Afford Your Dream Bathroom With Interest Free Credit At Room H2O

Room H2o is proud to now offer 0% finance on all bathroom and shower product transactions of £500 or more with a 10% down-payment. You could visit our Dorset showroom and leave knowing your dream bathroom will be winging its way to you without the risk of paying more and waiting longer.

Luxury modern bathroom with dark wood vanity unit and walkin shower enclosure

You know that fabulous Drench DECO Black Shower Screen has been calling to you. Wouldn’t that sleek Fiora Silex Low Profile Shower Tray be just the ticket? The Alessa Period Freestanding Bath still looks divine… It’s no use, you need to dive in and create that dream bathroom! Now you can without draining your bank account thanks to our new interest free credit (0% APR representative) option for orders of £500 and over.

Interest free credit banner

Whether you’re living in a town house in Bournemouth, you’re renovating a seaside chalet in Swanage or you’re about to buy a New Forest lodge in Brockenhurst, the perfect bathroom will be one of your top priorities. It’s the place where we prepare for the day ahead and wash off our worries as the sun goes down – this should be your haven and have everything you need, no expense spared. But we appreciate that not everyone has the cash handy to pop out to a bathroom showroom like ours and buy an entire new suite, fixtures, fittings and all.

This is where our friends at Omni Capital come in. When you visit our showroom and apply for 0% finance, they’ll provide your credit decision in a matter of seconds. Once accepted, all we ask is that you pay a small deposit on the day and agree to pay the balance over twelve or twenty-four months – whichever you agree.

It’s not just bathroom and shower products that are up for grabs, our sister company UK Tiles Direct is offering the same deal on their tile collections and tiling products. This means, when you visit our Dorset Showroom, you could walk out with everything you need for your perfect bathroom – plus all the tiles and trimmings that go with it – and have up to two years to pay the balance. Not bad, huh?!

UK Tiles Direct website

For more information about Room H2o’s interest free credit for bathroom and shower products, please contact us. To find out more about UK Tiles Direct’s similar offering, check out their website.

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New Displays At Our Wareham Bathroom Showroom

We’re excited to have recently re-vamped our bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham Dorset, to showcase even more of our fantastic collections and the latest products from some of the leading bathroom designers and brands.

Our new bathroom displays include magnificent furniture, shower enclosures, sanitary ware, taps and tiles. When you visit our new showroom you’ll be able to really visualise how your dream bathroom could look.

Designer bathroom tile and furniture displays at Room H2o in Wareham Dorset

Luxurious showering

We have a wonderful selection of shower cubicles and bath screens on show, with the innovative designs of Cassellie, the distinctive style of Simpsons and the finest luxury of Merlyn. You can also see our own range of bespoke fully frameless glass shower cubicles and screens. At just 10mm thick, these stunning enclosures are exclusive to us here at Room H2o.

See the beauty of the ultra-slim shower trays from Fiora, in a vast array of fabulous colours, and the gorgeous new stone-effect offering from Simpsons. With made-to-measure options, these marvellous shower trays can transform any size bathroom into a place of style and indulgence.

Stylish brassware

Our new displays will allow you to see the true beauty of the latest revolutions in brassware. More than just a practicality, taps, handles and showerheads are as much of a bathroom’s design as the furniture. We have exciting collections from Vado, Crosswater and Aqualisa, as well as the highly contemporary black coloured taps from the Woodstock Railto range.

Chic bathroom furniture

Design Clypso fitted bathroom furniture in bracken graphite ripple colour and shaker style

Experience the splendour of the most on-trend ranges of luxury furniture and fitted vanity units. See exquisite bathroom designs from Calypso, inspirational ideas from Woodstock’s Brecon collection, in a delightful Graphite Ripple shade, the shaker-style offerings of the Chiltern collection, and the very latest illuminated cabinets from Roper Rhodes.

You can also see the latest tile collections, with the most sought-after designs, styles, colours and effects, from our sister company, UK Tiles Direct.

Specialist bathroom services in Dorset

At Room H2o we offer a fabulous range of the highest-quality bathroom products and furniture, to suit all budgets, as well as a bespoke bathroom design service. We’re specialists in made-to-measure shower enclosuresframeless glass shower enclosures and bespoke shower trays. With our in-house design and installation team, our expertise and range of outstanding, luxury products, we can help make your dream bathroom become a reality.

For advice on your bathroom design, and to see our superb new displays, please visit our Wareham showroom, where our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Frameless shower enclosure tips and advice

Frameless glass shower enclosures epitomise modern bathroom design. Once purely functional spaces we now invest considerable time, effort and money in designing and creating the perfect bathroom and a large luxury frameless shower enclosure is the perfect centre piece. Frameless shower enclosures are complex structures that require care to design and install, here are our tips for getting it right.

frameless glass shower enclosure should feature little or no metal frame work, predominantly consisting of large sheets of 10mm thick glass connected to each other and the walls by metal hinges and brackets.   By design frameless shower enclosures are quite heavy and offer little if any adjustment for installing.  Consequentially, the layout and shape of each shower door, screen or enclosure must be carefully considered and accurately measured if it is to fit and operate correctly.  So if you are planning to install a frameless shower enclosure you may wish to consider the following factors when planning your new bath or shower room.

Planning your bathroom and frameless glass shower enclosure

  • Weight – At 25kg per square metre of 10mm glass, frameless shower enclosures are heavy and as a consequence walls and floors may need to be reinforced to cope.  The brackets which support the glass must be fixed securely to a solid wall.  Stud walls will require extra studs behind the fixing brackets to provide a strong fixing point.  Under no circumstances should fixing brackets or hinges be screwed to a plaster board or similar light weight wall.
  • Access – Large sheets of glass look fantastic but they will need to be transported through your house to the bathroom.  Check that doorways and, most importantly, staircases are large enough to allow access for the glass panels.  This is of particular importance when installing a frameless shower enclosure in a loft conversion.
  • Glass care coatings – In hard water areas large expanses of glass can be difficult to keep clean and free from water marks.  It is therefore worth considering ordering your frameless shower with an anti-lime scale glass treatment such as Clearshield.  This type of coating is often included either as standard or as an optional extra with frameless shower enclosures.

Taking measurements for your frameless glass shower enclosure

  • Bespoke products – Frameless shower enclosures are bespoke products, designed to fit exactly with little or no tolerance.  If mistakes are made when taking measurements you may be left with an expensive shower enclosure that you cannot use and the same can be true if poorly installed.  Many professional frameless shower enclosure specialists do provide optional measurement and installation services that are worth considering.
  • Finished surfaces – It is very important that all measurements are taken from finished surfaces.  All tiling and grouting must be complete and the shower tray or wet floor must be installed and level.  If you are paying for the manufacturer to carry out a site survey, ensure that all works are complete and that the area is clean and accessible, you may be liable for any costs if the engineer cannot carry out the survey.
  • Professional site survey – Frameless shower enclosures are both complex and expensive.  By paying for the manufacturer to carry out a site survey to take exact measurements you are more likely to avoid costly mistakes and, importantly, they will be responsible for the shower enclosure fitting correctly.  If you have supplied the measurements for your shower enclosure then you are liable if it does not fit.
  • Templating – If your frameless shower enclosure must accommodate a complex shape such as an angled ceiling in loft conversion it is worth considering having a hardboard template of the feature made to ensure that the glass fits perfectly.  Templating can usually be provided by the manufacturer as part of site survey and installation services, although extra charges may apply for materials and additional time.

Installing your frameless glass shower enclosure

  • Clear the room – Your frameless shower installer will need and area that is clear and clean to work in.  Prior to the installation the room should be cleared of all debris and unnecessary items and thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove as much dust and grime as possible.  If the room is very dusty it will not be possible to apply silicone sealant as it will not adhere correctly.
  • Professional services – The exposed glass panels that make up your frameless shower enclosure are very vulnerable to damage when they are being installed and must be positioned exactly if they are to fit correctly.  The sealing strips and components must also be correctly trimmed and fitted for the shower to be water tight and silicone sealant must be applied very carefully if it is to look neat, anchor the glass securely and provide a water proof seal.  Therefore, it is really worth considering paying the manufacturer to install the shower screen or enclosure for you.  They are the professionals with the necessary skills and tools to complete the installation perfectly.
  • Allow sealant to cure for 24hrs – Do not be tempted to, move in any way, clean or use your new frameless shower enclosure for at least 24 hours after the silicone sealant has been applied.  The silicone sealant plays two important roles, providing a water proof seal between floors and walls and giving strength the structure.  If the enclosure is moved before the sealant has cured it can tear and moisture will prevent it from adhering properly.

Caring for your frameless shower

  • Dry the glass – After each use remove excess water with a rubber glass squeegee.  This will help to control water marks, lime scale and mould build up.
  • Dry the floor – If you have a wetroom with a frameless glass shower enclosure it is advisable to clear away any residual water from the floor and silicone sealant.  This will help to dry the area more quickly and to control mould.
  • Wipe down regularly with a soft cloth – Regularly wash the shower enclosure with warm water and a soft cloth before thoroughly drying the glass and components.

Frameless shower enclosures are bespoke, premium, products manufactured to exacting standards.  Their clean lines and minimal frame work are the ultimate in bathroom luxury, however, by design they offer the flexibility to create a useable shower in awkward spaces, such as loft conversions.  It is vitally important that the bathroom and design of your frameless shower are carefully considered and that it is measured and installed correctly in order for it to work properly.

If you are considering a bespoke frameless shower door, screen or enclosure please do talk to the experts at Room H2o in New Malden, Surrey and Wareham in Dorset.

Leaking Shower Enclosures

A leaking shower can cause substantial damage to the fabric of your home. We explore some common causes of water leaks from shower enclosures and how they can be rectified.

Why do shower enclosures leak?

Shower enclosures are generally robust and reliable structures; however, to work efficiently they must be installed and, most importantly, sealed correctly.   That is not to say that faults do not occur with shower enclosures but the more common causes are associated with incorrect installation or problems with silicone sealant.

To avoid water leaks a shower enclosure must be correctly installed

For a shower door or enclosure to work correctly it must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Broadly speaking, the shower tray should be level and fully sealed to the tiles before the enclosure is installed, the sides of shower enclosure should be vertically plumb and fixed securely to tiled walls. Silicone sealant should be applied vertically on the inside and outside where the shower enclosure fixes to the tiled walls and, importantly, on the outside only where the frame of the shower enclosure sits onto the shower tray.  However, the process may differ slightly for some shower enclosures and the installation should be carried out exactly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

The shower tray must be fully sealed to the tiles before the enclosure is installed

One of the most common causes of water leaks from shower enclosures is associated with the seal between the tiles and shower tray.  The walls surrounding the shower tray should be fully tiled and grouted and then sealed to the shower tray using a good quality sanitary silicone sealant, preferably containing an anti-fungal additive.  If the shower enclosure is installed before the shower tray is sealed to the tiles water that enters the frame of the enclosure can leak from the base of the wall fixing profiles into the walls.  Water leaks of this nature will often cause damp patches on the walls next to the shower tray, as puddles of water on the floor at the sides of the shower tray or as damp patches on ceilings below the shower.

In order to rectify this issue it will be necessary to completely remove the shower enclosure and the silicone sealant between the shower tray and tiles, do not be tempted to add new sealant to old as this will often fail quickly.  Once all of the silicone sealant has been removed, and the surfaces cleaned, the shower tray can be resealed and left to cure for 24 hours before re-installing the shower enclosure.

Do not apply silicone sealant to the inside of the shower enclosure at the base

For a shower enclosure to operate correctly water that enters the metal frame surrounding the glass must be able to drain from the base into the shower tray.  For this reason, unless specifically instructed to do so by the manufacturer’s installation instructions, silicone sealant should only be applied to the base of the shower enclosure on the outside where the frame meets the shower tray.  If sealant is applied to the base of the frame on the inside water may be trapped inside the frame, often causing water to leak from joints in the frame and from around the base of the glass.

Rectifying this problem may be as simple as removing any silicone sealant that has been applied to the base of the shower on the inside, taking care not to disturb or damage the seal between the shower tray and tiles.  If this does not cure the issue, or if the shower enclosure has been seated on a bed of silicone sealant, it may be necessary to remove the shower enclosure and clean away all of the silicone sealant before reinstalling in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Water leaks caused by deterioration of silicone sealant joints

Silicone sealant can deteriorate with time, losing its elasticity and adhesive properties.   When this occurs the silicone seal can become detached from the surface of the shower tray allowing water to leak into the walls, causing damp patches, or from under the shower enclosure onto the bathroom floor.  If left, water leaking into the walls can soak into the tile adhesive cause the tiles to become detached from the walls.

The solution will be to remove the shower enclosure to assess the extent of the damage.  If the problem is identified early correction may simply be a case of removing the old silicone sealant, allowing the area to dry out completely, before resealing the shower tray to the tiles.  Allow the new silicone sealant to cure for at least 24 hours before re-installing the shower enclosure.  Do not be tempted just to seal over the top of the old silicone sealant, it will not adhere correctly and will fail again quickly.

If the water leak has caused the tiles to become displaced or your suspect that the wall is very damp it will be necessary to remove the effected tiles to allow the area to dry out, which may take some time.  In this situation it is advisable to seek a professional assessment of the damage and appropriate course of action to rectify the issue.

Water leaks caused by cracked or deteriorating tile grout

Cracked or damp and deteriorated tile grout will allow water to leak from the shower into the walls behind the tiles.  Often causing damp patches and, more commonly, the tile adhesive to fail and affected tiles to become displaced.

If cracked or deteriorated grout is identified early it may be possible to remove the old grout, allow the wall to dry and simply re-grout the tiles.  However, in the majority of cases it will be necessary to remove the shower enclosure and affected tiles in order to fully assess the damage.  If you suspect that water has been leaking into the walls or floors for some time it is advisable have the problem assessed and repaired by a professional.

Preventing water leaks from shower enclosures

Most shower enclosures will require maintenance at some time, usually the renewal of the silicone sealant.  To prevent water leaks first ensure that the shower enclosure is correctly installed and sealed in accordance with the manufacturers fitting instructions.  Ensure that the shower enclosure is regularly cleaned to prevent the growth of mould, clearing away excess moisture with a squeegee after each use will also help to control moisture.  Finally, inspect the shower enclosure when it is cleaned to ensure that the rubber seals, silicone sealant and grout joints are intact and in good condition.

In this article we have explored a few of the most common reasons why shower enclosures leak. If you suspect that your shower enclosure may be leaking act quickly, it is often worth contacting the manufacturer or the retailer first for advice regarding the problem.

If you would like some help with choosing or installing a shower enclosure please contact the experts at Room H2o or visit our showrooms at New Malden in Surrey or Wareham in Dorset.

The images of leaking shower enclosures accompanying this article have been kindly supplied by and are the property of Shower Advisor.

Massive New Year Bathroom Sale At Room H2o

We are offering some staggering bathroom discounts in our January 2016 sale, with up to 60% off selected brands!

The Room H2o Bathrooms Dorset Massive January Sale 2016

Starting on 2nd January and running for the whole of the month, our amazing sale includes luxury branded bathroom suites, bathroom furniture, showers, taps and designer shower trays – all at  unbeatable prices.

To make way for next season’s sought-after bathroom products and trends, we have a selection of ex-display bathrooms, including luxurious shower trays and enclosures, on sale at our Wareham showroom.

Big savings on new and ex-display bathrooms in Dorset with Room H2o

  • Up to 60% off designer bathroom products!
  • Enjoy 30% off the stylish Roper Rhodes collection of bathroom furniture and taps.
  • Indulge in a little luxury with 10% off stunning ultra-slim shower trays from Fiora.
  • Save an unbelievable 50% on the increasingly popular Pura range of bathroom furniture, basins, taps and sanitary ware.
  • Save 30% on beautiful Crosswater taps, basins, showers and bathroom furniture.
  • Up to an unbelievable 60% off other selected brands of taps, cabinets and mirrors.

With these amazing bathroom discounts you can create the design of your dreams for 2016. Come and visit our Wareham showroom from 2nd January, and see the biggest sale of bathrooms and tiles in Dorset.

Looking for wall or floor tiles?

Our sister company UK Tiles Direct are holding a massive tile stock clearance sale at our Wareham, Dorset showroom throughout January.  Click here to read about their fantastic discounts on a wide range of wall and floor tiles.

Our New Bathroom & Tile Showroom in Dorset

At Room H2o, we always strive to offer our customers the very latest in designer bathrooms. This is why we’ve re-modeled our Dorset showroom, so you can enjoy viewing even more of the bespoke bathroom products and solutions we have available.

On the first floor of our showroom in Wareham, Dorset, you’ll find our dedicated tile display area, which homes an extensive array of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and mosaic tiles, including the very latest ultra-thin porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin. And, in conjunction with our sister company, UK Tiles Direct, we’re sole agents for Kerakoll eco-friendly, mineral-based, professional tiling products, which you can also browse here. (We offer discounts and free delivery within Dorset to contractors.)

Stunning bathroom and tile display bays

You can see more tiles in our spectacular bathroom display bays on the ground floor, which boast the very latest in stylish, bespoke bathroom furniture and tile developments, from highly acclaimed brands. Our display bays perfectly illustrate a mixture of modern, contemporary and period bathroom styles of furniture, brassware, floor and wall tiles. So, you can discover the designer bathroom that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle.

Bespoke bathroom solutions

Our new frameless glass shower enclosure displays showcase our own bespoke enclosures. Each one is individually made to measure and manufactured to order. You can also peruse the delectable range of stylish, ultra-thin, coloured shower trays from Fiora, as well as contemporary furniture from Bauhaus, stunning new taps and finishes from Crosswater, and the latest designer baths, showers, furniture and accessories from Duravit, Hans Grohe, Ashton and Bentley, Simpsons, and Adatto Casa.

Find out more about Room H2o’s bespoke, made-to-measure shower trays, doors, screens, enclosures, bathroom furniture and basins by contacting us today. Or why not visit our new-look bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset, and see our stunning range of designer products for yourself?

VULCANO designer bathroom radiators with a difference

Bathroom product design is experiencing something of a revolution, driven largely by advances in materials and manufacturing processes that have allowed designers to become bolder and ever more inventive. The humble bathroom radiator or towel warmer, traditionally chrome or painted steel, has perhaps benefitted least from this revolution, until now. The VOLCANO collection is a new take on the traditional radiator which presents exciting opportunities for both bathroom and interior designers.

Created using a development of Fiora’s innovative SILEX stone polymer, the VOLCANO collection represents a fresh approach to domestic radiators.  SILEXPOL has been developed by Fiora to have excellent heat transfer properties while being highly resistant to impacts.  While the tech stuff is interesting it is the extensive choice of finishes and colours combined with the installation possibilities that make VULCANO an exciting proposition for interior and bathroom designers.

VOLCANO has been created to resemble a piece of designer furniture with aesthetics that would add to any room, be that a contemporary lounge, bedroom or modern bathroom.  Measuring only 30mm in thickness these designer radiators can be purchased in 3 sizes which include 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm heights each 500mm in width, however, of greater interest is the extensive choice of colours and finishes.  VOLCANO can be specified in 5 stunning textured finishes including patterns and stone effects, which can be matched to Fiora bathroom vanity units and cabinets, and a staggering choice of 52 different colours, from cool pastel shades to dark graphite and slate tones.  In addition to colour and finish options VOLCANO can also be specified with stylish towel rails for use within the bathroom, wetroom or shower areas.

VOLCANO is both elegant and aesthetically pleasing and this creates opportunities for installation that would not normally be considered with a traditional radiator, such as horizontal mounting in place of a piece of artwork or collectively to resemble decorative stone panels.  With elegant but discrete connections the possibilities for installation are as diverse as the range of colours and finishes.

The Fiora VOLCANO designer interior and bathroom radiators are priced from £765.  For more information about this exciting new radiators or indeed any products from the extensive Fiora shower tray and bathroom furniture collection please do contact us or alternatively visit our bathroom design studio’s which are based in Wareham, Dorset and Epsom, Surrey.

Contact our Dorset bathroom design team on 01929 551963 or