Bespoke Matki Preference shower tray with notched corner

Everything You Need to Know About Matki Preference Shower Trays & Floors

If you are looking for an alternative to standard shower trays, the Matki Preference could be just what you are looking for. Stylish, strong, innovative features, standard and bespoke sizes, Matki Preference shower trays and floors have much to offer. Read on to discover more about these great shower trays.

What are Matki Preference shower trays?

Preference by Matki is a premium low profile shower tray made in Britain using Matki’s own solid surface material. A stand-out feature of the Preference shower tray is the discreet matched waste cover, available in solid and slatted styles, that does away with the usual metal waste grate, giving a clean modern look. The range includes two tray styles, the Preference Shower Tray, and the Preference Shower Floor.

  1. Preference Shower Trays

A Matki Preference low-profile shower tray made from solid surface stone material with matching waste cover in white

The Preference Shower Tray is a low-profile shower tray featuring an upstand around the sides. Trays can be mounted on the floor or on a raised plinth and are suitable for use with all types of shower screens and enclosures. At only 35mm thick, including the upstand, they have a clean modern look and allow for easy access to the shower area.

Matki Preference shower trays and floors are finished in a slip resistant semi-matt white colour. The surface has subtle riven texture that mimics the look and feel of natural stone and also provides a good degree of slip resistance. A selection of standard sizes are offered, and bespoke sized and shaped trays can be made to order.

  1. Preference Shower Floors

A made to measure flush fitting Matki Preference Shower Floor in white with concealed waste

The Preference Shower Floor is an ultra-low-profile flat version of the standard Preference tray without upstands, intended for use as an alternative to a tiled wetroom floor. Measuring only 20mm-27mm in thickness (depending on the size of tray), they are designed to be flush mounted with the finished bathroom floor, giving an ultra-modern look and lip free access to the shower area. Trays have a lightly textured stone effect and slip resistant surface with a contemporary semi-matt white finish.

Preference Shower Floors are compatible with most wetroom shower screens and enclosures, including luxury 10mm frameless shower screens. Matki suggest that their shower floor trays should be installed in a “fully tanked and prepared wet room area”.

Preference Shower Floors are made to order and can be manufactured in an extensive range of sizes.

What are Matki Preference shower trays made from?

Matki Preference Shower trays are made from a solid surface material rich in ground marble

Matki Preference shower trays are manufactured in Britain using their own “Preference” solid surface material, a mixture of ground marble and polymers. Trays are of solid construction and finished by hand at their manufacturing facility in Cornwall. This innovative material allows the Preference shower tray to be thin but also very strong. And because the trays are manufactured in the UK, Matki can also produce bespoke sizes and shapes to order.

How thick are Matki Preference shower trays and floors?

Matki Preference shower trays measure 35mm in thickness. When mounted directly to the floor, the low profile allows for easy access into the shower.

Preference Shower Floors measure 20-27mm in thickness depending on the size of the floor and are designed to be flush mounted with the floor tiles. Removing any raised lip and providing level access into the shower area.

What sizes are Preference Shower Trays & Floors available in?

Matki Preference Shower Trays are available in 800x800mm, 900x900mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x900mm, and 1500x900mm standard sizes. Bespoke sizes and shapes can also be made to order.

Matki Preference Shower Floors are made to order and can be produce in a range of shapes and sizes. The bespoke size and shape options offered by Matki are discussed in more detail below.

Bespoke Matki Preference Shower Trays and Shower Floors

A great benefit of Matki Preference Shower Trays and Shower Floors is that they can be made in bespoke sizes and shapes. Perfect for when a standard shower tray will not fit or for creating an oversized luxury shower.

Bespoke Matki Preference shower tray with notched corner

Matki can produce bespoke Preference Shower Trays in sizes from 800×800 up to 2050x1150mm and Preference Shower Floors in sizes from 650x650mm up to 2000x1100mm. Preference trays and floors can also be made with corner or side cutout sections for accommodating features such as boxed pipework or nib return walls. Furthermore, they can be specially made in a range of shapes including square, rectangular, angled, pentangle, and curved formats.  It is also possible move the waste position; this can be useful for avoiding floor joists. The lead time for bespoke and made to measure shower trays and floors is approximately 4 weeks.

We are experts in bespoke and made to measure showering products, offering a variety of styles and options for shower enclosures, screens, and shower trays. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

What finishes are Preference showers trays available in?

White Matki Preference shower tray with matching concealed waste cover

Matki Preference shower trays are finished in a semi-matt white colour with an attractive lightly riven finish that mimics the look of natural stone. While Matki Preference Shower Floors feature the same matt white colour with a lightly textured stone effect. Both provide a good degree of slip resistance under foot. Preference Shower Trays and Floors are certified to DIN51097-B as “Anti Slip” and have a PTV 36+ “Low Slip Potential” rating.

Can Preference shower trays be repaired?

Matki Preference shower trays are very strong and durable, but in the unlikely event that the surface of the shower tray is damaged, chips and marks can be repaired. Matki state that their Preference trays are “easy to clean, durable and fully restorable”. Kits to repair shower trays can be obtained by contacting Matki directly.

How long is the guarantee on Matki Preference shower trays?

Matki Preference shower trays are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty for parts and labour, with a further 8 years on parts covering domestic usage. The product guarantee must be registered with Matki within 30 days of installing the tray. Full terms and conditions can be viewed on the Matki website.

What is the delivery time on Matki Preference shower trays?

For standard sized Preference shower trays, the delivery lead time is approximately 3 weeks. Matki Preference Shower Floors are made to measure products, the lead time for these, and bespoke Preference Shower Trays, is 4 weeks.

What do our customers think of Matki Preference shower trays?

Here is what one of our customers had to say about their experience using a Matki Preference Shower tray.

White stone effect Matki Preference shower tray with matching white waste

“We were looking for a quality shower tray without the usual chrome or metal waste grate, and we loved the look of the matching stone waste cover of the Matki Preference shower tray. The 1200x800mm size we required was not a standard size, but Matki were able to make the size we needed quickly. When the tray arrived, it was very well packaged, and we were really impressed with the quality. Being a solid stone shower tray, they are quite heavy, but it was easy for two of us to lift and install. The fitting instructions were easy to follow, and we simply bedded the tray on flexible tile adhesive. The tray was also perfectly flat, unlike the standard stone resin trays we used in our last house, and very easy to level. Installing the shower tray, including fitting the waste, took under an hour. We have a 3 bar shower pump fitted and, given the shallow profile of the tray, we were slightly concerned about drainage, but the waste clears the water with ease even on full power. Our shower tray has been installed for over a year now and is used every day. Cleaning is simple and the tray still looks like new. We could not be happier with the shower tray and will be purchasing another one for the other shower in our house. – Owen Josey, Pulborough West Sussex”  See images of this shower tray installed here.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a premium shower tray, or an alternative to a tiled wetroom, Matki Preference should be on your shopping list. Preference shower trays and floors offer a compelling combination of style, quality and bespoke options that mark this British made product out from mainstream shower trays. To see the Matki Preference shower tray for yourself, or for more information and advice on bespoke options, please visit our bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham Dorset or contact us.

Introducing The New Drench MATTE Shower Screen Collection

With Christmas on the horizon, what better time to unwrap a few early presents? Our latest treat comes in the shape of a brand new range of coloured shower screens: the Drench MATTE collection, boasting four stylish ranges of fixed shower screens in a wide choice of matte colours.

drench matte frame lite shower screen in white close up

All four shower screens boast their own unique style and character, from the oriental look of Suzhou to the eye-catching geometry of Hexagon. In this article, we take an in-depth look at each one of these fabulous ranges and explain the many different options at your fingertips.

Which styles are available?

Hegagon drench matte shower screen in grey close up

All Drench MATTE fixed panel shower screens boast a singular design in high quality materials and finishes. Fans of minimalist design will love the Border range. It looks exactly as the name suggests, with an elegant slim outer metal frame to keep things simple. The Suzhou range, meanwhile, draws from traditional Japanese room dividing screens, adding an exotic flavour to your bathroom.

There’s also the Frame Lite range, an updated version of Drench’s classic Frame range inspired by industrial Crittall style windows. Last, but not least, is the dazzling Hexagon range, boasting a hexagonal frame feature quite unlike anything in our Drench collection. All four ranges come with optional support bars in a matching colour and finish, available at an extra cost.

What colours are available?

Pale Pink Border shower screen from Drench MATTE collection

The MATTE shower screens collection is available in 12 standard matte colours. These include bold colours such as Lemon Yellow, Tangerine and Pale Pink, ideal for homeowners looking to make a splash. More discreet options include Graphite Grey, Forest and Latte. All MATTE shower frames are powder coated, ensuring a luxury matte finish worthy of the luxurious designs.

What’s more, the Border range is available in a choice of 6 metallic finishes inspired by on-trend brassware and modern taps. These brushed anodised finishes ensure a gorgeous industrial sheen that doesn’t corrode over time. Take your pick from steel, brass, chrome and bronze effects with stunning light and dark textures.

What makes the glass special?

Suzhou shower screen with frosted glass by Drench

Drench shower screens are renowned for their virtually indestructible glass panels. The new MATTE range is no different, with 8mm toughened safety glass as standard. Drench have coated each glass panel with “Enduro Shield”, a quality chemical coating that reduces the build-up of calcium oil and soap deposits.

All MATTE shower screens come with clear glass at the basic price. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, there are extra options available. Room H2o customers can upgrade their order with fluted, frosted or grey tinted glass – each adding 30% to the standard cost.

How much does the Drench MATTE collection cost?

This very much depends on which range you choose, as well as the width of your screen. The Border range starts from £662.50 at 700mm, rising to £839.00 for the 1200mm screen. The Hexagon range starts at £959.88 for the 700mm wide screen, with the 1200mm version rising to £1,447.50. The full list of prices can be found on each product page.

How long does delivery take?

Lemon Yellow hexagonal shower screen frame by Drench

Drench’s MATTE shower screens are available to order now via our website. The rough lead time for all MATTE products is 6 weeks, with mainland UK delivery as standard. Unfortunately, customers living in Scotland are not currently included in the delivery area.

We do not currently have any new MATTE shower screens on display in our Dorset showroom. However, we do have a black “Deco” shower screen with matching black taps and shower controls, plus a decorative fabric laminated glass screen.

To learn more about the exciting new Drench MATTE range, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team, or visit the showroom in Wareham. As the exclusive provider of MATTE shower screens until early 2020, we are currently the only place to buy these game-changing products.

Why You Should Choose Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style and practicality for your bathroom flooring, look no further than Karndean luxury vinyl tiles. At Room H2o we’re delighted to be a Silver Karndean retailing showroom, offering our customers a wide selection of these fabulous products in both wood and stone effect vinyl formats.

Karndean Art Select Fiore stone effect tiles

We were awarded our Silver Karndean Approved Retailer status in October 2018, after proving ourselves to have exceptional knowledge of Karndean products and showcasing a large range of luxury vinyl tiles in our Dorset showroom.

Karndean vinyl flooring collection in Dorset showroom

Why choose Karndean wood and stone effect vinyl?

Vinyl plank flooring is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design. With advances in digital printing, wood and stone effect vinyl is an amazingly realistic alternative to the real thing – offering practicality alongside style and versatility. Easy to look after and cost-effective, wood effect vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for busy households and works alongside any theme or style of décor.

Blonde oak effect vinyl flooring planks by Karndean

Thinner than real wood or tiles, Karndean luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for areas with different floor heights, and far warmer under foot than tiles – lovely for creating a cosy and welcoming ambience in the bathroom. They are also compatible with electric underfloor heating, unlike real wood. And, speaking of bathrooms and wet areas, Karndean vinyl is waterproof and highly durable, requires no sealing and means you can bring the warmth of wood into moist areas of the home where timber would not be suitable.

Karndean’s stone effect vinyl flooring is every bit as appealing as its wood effect counterpart. We offer a huge range of handcrafted stone effect tiles – all made with the very latest digital printing techniques – to give an inspiring natural stone look to your bathroom. As you’d expect from Karndean, the tiles in this collection are highly durable, easy to clean and compatible with underfloor heating. Popular styles include the Portland Stone tile with its pale clay tones and realistic granular surface finish, and the larger, smokey-grey Fumo tile. There’s also the Art Select range, which takes in marble, slate, limestone and travertine effect tiles in a variety of colours and finishes.

Karndean Knight Portland Stone effect vinyl flooring

If these benefits aren’t enough to convince you that bathroom vinyl floor tiles are the way to go, they are also exceptionally easy to look after. With no grout lines you don’t have to worry about dirt being trapped, and they are much quicker and easier to install than other bathroom floor tiles. What’s more, Karndean prices make luxury vinyl flooring accessible to everyone!

Karndean’s fabulous vinyl flooring collections

Summer Oak wood effect Karndean vinyl floor planks

With an array of styles and gorgeous colours, the Kardean range offers something to suit all tastes. At Room H2o we have a wide selection in our showroom, allowing you to see the beauty of vinyl for yourself, including a new display we’ve added to showcase the gorgeous tones and effects of the Karndean Art Select and Karndean Van Gogh ranges, both of which will also be available to view online soon. Karndean Art Select is a premium range of wood planks, parquet and stone tile styles, with detailed surface texture and grains; while the Van Gogh collection has been specifically designed as a perfect alternative to wood floors for larger rooms. Both are perfectly suited for domestic and commercial settings, where high traffic demands a floor of both style and durability.

You can view the beautiful range and all Kardean Knight tile prices on our website now, including wood effect vinyl, parquet and stone effect tiles. The Kardean Opus collection offers beautiful wood and stone effect bathroom flooring, in both tile and planks in a fabulous choice of colours.

We also offer Karndean flooring installation in Dorset and directly employ our own experienced fitters, so you can be sure of exceptional levels of service and workmanship.

To see the range of Karndean luxury vinyl flooring, visit our large showroom in Wareham, Dorset, and keep an eye on our website for more products to be added soon.

Room H2o Now a Pura Signature Showroom

We’re delighted to announce we’ve taken our dedication to providing our customers with the very highest quality, luxury bathroom products to a new level – Room H20 is now a Pura Signature Showroom.

Deuco furniture display library in Pura Signature Showroom

Founded in 2004 and one of the fastest growing, most dynamic and ambitious manufacturers of bathroom products in the UK, we’re exceptionally proud to offer our customers Pura bathrooms’ exceptional products and to be awarded this status.

Being a Pura Signature Showroom means we now have a full display bay dedicated exclusively to Pura Bathrooms’ products. This is alongside the various Pura products we already showcase in our many other displays. We also now have a Signature display board, highlighting Pura Bathrooms’ key products, for ease of reference for our customers.

Inspirational designs from Pura bathrooms

Offering independent bathroom retailers (like us) a selection of brands designed to inspire, Pura products are not only stunning but also manufactured to the highest possible quality standards, and created with extreme thought and precision. Becoming a Pura Signature showroom required training on Pura’s products and how to demonstrate the features and exceptional quality to our customers. As the parent company, this also includes their brands Dueco bathroom furniture and Flova bathroom fittings.

Dedicated Pura bathrooms display

Pura Signature Showroom bathroom suite

With our stunning new display area showcasing the exceptional range of Pura bathrooms’ products, you can’t fail to be inspired for your bathroom design. Adorned with a selection of Pura’s fabulous products, you’ll be able to envisage your dream bathroom. And, with our Virtual World’s bathroom design service and our bathroom installation, we can help you make this dream a reality. The Flova Levo Mixer, Pura Alma semi-recessed basin, Pura Wave single-ended bath and Pura Grace illuminated mirror are just some of the products you can now see showcased in our Pura Signature Showroom.

Deuco worktops and cabinets selection

A further dedicated area featuring luxury taps and showering equipment from the Flova bathroom fittings range gives you the opportunity to see the high quality of these products, which feature the latest in water-saving Neoperi technology. Our display boasts 25 different door and cabinet colours and textures, and 19 different worktops (including 14 laminates and five solid surfaces). There are also 29 handles to choose from, in stunning finishes of chrome and brushed metal – you really will be spoilt for choice when you visit our Pura Signature Showroom.

For inspirational bathroom ideas, why not visit our Pura Signature Showroom in Dorset and see these fabulous designs for yourself?

Fabulous Fluted Glass Shower Screens From Drench

Fluted glass, also known as reeded glass, is making a real comeback in bathroom design. While the original style was popular back in the 70s, the modern take on fluted glass brings an effortless sense of sophistication when used for shower screens and bath screens, sitting stylishly within both traditional and contemporary settings.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer an exciting selection of fluted glass shower screens from the revolutionary Drench brand. As one of four finishes in the Drench range, fluted glass gives a sense of light and space and depth, with the practical benefits of privacy too.

Super stylish fluted glass

Drench shower screens fluted glass

More so than other kinds of distorted glass, the bespoke reeded glass shower screens from Drench offer a natural retro chic, and a subtle concealment that isn’t overpoweringly decorative. With fluted glass you get the sense of space, making it the perfect choice for a shower or bath screen in a small room. And the sleek lines perfectly complement any fixtures and fittings, while effortlessly diffusing light.

Reeded glass for practicality

As with all of the Drench screens and shower doors, the fluted glass shower screens are made with the highest quality toughened and safety glass, and are treated with a special coating to make them easy to clean. Reeded glass offers many practical benefits, with privacy being just one. Using fluted glass on vanities is also a great way of displaying bathroom products, without fully revealing them.

Drench shower screens

Drench bath screen in classic grid style

The innovative Drench shower screen collection offers made-to-measure screens in an extensive selection of styles and colours. Whatever the size or shape of your bathroom or wet room, Drench shower screens and bath screens can accommodate any space and allow you to customise the colour, style and glass effect to your own unique taste, so you can indulge in your dream surroundings.

Exciting new products

Hinged shower door from Drench Frame collection

The Drench range we offer is now expanding, with the addition of shower doors, return panels and bath screens, alongside their stunning selection of shower screens and enclosures. A reduced size version of the shower screen, the Drench bath screen offers sleek sophistication for those who love a bath, and is available in both pivot and fixed options. The innovative shower doors are both robust and stylish with a pivot or hinged mechanism and magnetic closing, for a secure seal. You can also complete the look with pull handle and towel holder accessories. And with the new range of return panels, you can add a side panel to your door to create a stylish shower cubicle.

To find out more about the Drench range of fluted glass shower and bath screens, and to view these fabulous products, please visit our large bathroom showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Drench Shower Screens Offer Bespoke Solutions in Over 1,500 Colours

Sometimes, space constraints don’t allow for standard or ‘off-the-shelf’ shower enclosures. And awkward angles, like in loft conversions or small rooms, demand more complex solutions. Thanks to the revolutionary range of Drench shower screens, we can offer you made to measure shower screens and bath screens – in a massive choice of colours and styles – to suit almost any situation.

Drench Art Deco shower enclosure in black colour

We want to help you indulge in the perfect shower experience – whatever the size or shape of the bathroom or wet room. With the innovative range of Drench coloured shower screens, it’s possible to have the shower you desire, in any colour that takes your fancy!

Made to measure shower screens for any space

Drench black shower enclosure with made to measure dwarf wall side panel

With the stylish bespoke shower screens from Drench, you can have a shower enclosure to exactly fit your space – from a small en suite or a loft extension to an end of bath or over bath screen – these made to measure shower screens can be designed to your exact requirements. Combining both comfort and style, we can help you create a luxurious and extremely practical addition to your bathroom or wet room. The stunning bespoke shower enclosures and bathr screens are available in four highly chic designs, with an array of colour and glass options. Like a traditional shower door, they have a frame around the glass panels, but with metal frames laid onto the glass to create sophisticated grids.

Bespoke bath shower screens

Drench Art Deco style made to measure bath screen with black frame

When it comes to shower screens for a bath, the Drench range offers an exceptionally stylish solution. Whether at the end of a bath or over it, these bespoke bath shower screens offer practicality and indulgence. Whatever the size of your bathroom and however the layout, the Drench shower screens can accommodate any space. If you don’t have room for a separate shower, you can still enjoy a luxurious experience by customising your shower screen in a style and colour of your choosing, giving a wonderfully chic dimension to your bathroom.  You can even utilise the space at the end of your bath with the addition of a made to measure shower enclosure, which uses a standard height shower screen, with a dwarf panel that sits on top of the bath to create one side. This is an ideal solution for small bathrooms, creating more wall space for a towel rail or even a sink.

Stylishly coloured shower panels

RAL colour chart includes over 1600 colours

The Drench range offers the opportunity to completely customise your coloured shower screen with any RAL colour. While black is always a timeless and popular choice, there are 1,625 you can choose from! Whether you want a classic look or a contemporary effect, whether you’d like your coloured shower panels to seamlessly complement your fixtures and fittings or create a stunning contrast, the Drench range offers it all. From yellows, beiges, oranges, reds, violets, blues, greens, greys, browns and whites, you can inject personality to your bathroom and even add frosted, grey, green, fluted and ultra-clear glass too.

Drench made to measure shower screens offer a beautiful blend of privacy and light, with the aluminium bars giving a sense of concealment, while natural light is beautifully diffused by the glass, giving a fabulous and sophisticated bathroom design.

See these stunning range of bespoke and coloured shower screens from Drench for yourself, at our showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Introducing Bushboard Bathroom & Shower Wall Panels

For style, practicality and ease, Bushboard Nuance wall panels are the perfect way to bring panache to your bathroom. The Bushboard shower wall panels are extremely versatile and, with a choice of textures, colours and finishes, allow you to create a luxurious look, at a sensible price.

Luxury shower room featuring Nuance Turin marble effect wet wall panels

As a chic and low-maintenance alternative to tiles, the Bushboard bathroom wall panels are 100% waterproof and cleverly designed to fit together without the need for metal joining, corner profiles or grout lines, creating a seamless finish that doesn’t attract dirt or lime scale.

Easy to install wet wall panels

Nuance Calacatta Staturio white marble effect wet wall panels installed in a shower

Bushboard wall panels are exceptionally easy to install and look after, offering a far less time-consuming wall covering for any wet room or new bathroom. Simple to cut and clean, they just slot together to give you a gorgeous and stylish finish. As well as working beautifully in any domestic bathroom, shower room or wet room, Bushboard wall boards are the perfect choice for commercial refurbishment and fit-out projects, where there are tight deadlines and flexibility is needed for quick installation. They can also be installed over just about any surface, including existing tiles.

Guaranteed style and glamour

Luxury bathroom featuring travertine and wood effect bathroom wall cladding

Available in a fabulous selection of styles, colours, textures and sizes, you’ll find the perfect bathroom wall cladding for any kind of décor – from traditional to contemporary. The Bushboard collection includes delightful wood effect wall panels, such as Driftwood, which flawlessly mimics the beauty of real wood, with delicate knots and grains in a stunning pewter grey colour. For timeless charm, the exquisite range of stone effect wall panels offers a variety of reproductions, in an array of wonderful tones. The luxurious marble effect wall panels bring instant elegance to any bathroom, from the dark hues of ‘Noir’ to the glorious white with grey veins of Calacatta Statuario. And, all Bushboard bathroom wall panels are covered by a 15-year guarantee, so you can be assured of a high-end look that will last.

Exceptionally versatile

Seamless bathroom wall panels in travertine effect from the Nuance collection by Bushboard

The Bushboard bathroom panels can be used in a variety of ways to bring sophistication to any bathroom or wet room. You can create a stylish splashback around the shower or toilet area, create a feature wall for a statement-making centrepiece, and even make vanity countertops, bath casings and sink casings for a wonderfully seamless style. The possibilities are endless and the luxurious look is outstanding.

Visit our showroom in Wareham, Dorset, where you can see our Bushboard Nuance wall panel displays and see samples of all the styles available. We can also install your panels for you if you want us to.

Endless Possibilities for Awkward Spaces With Room H2o’s Custom Showers

Just because you don’t have a large bathroom or you have awkward beams or angles to contend with, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a stylish and luxurious shower enclosure.

Frameless shower enclosure with angled panel for a loft conversion in Crydon by Room H2o

With our range of custom made frameless showers, you can indulge in a magnificent shower, no matter what the size or shape of your bathroom. From a loft shower in an en-suite to an end of bath shower, our custom showers are designed so you can enjoy a functional and stunning experience.

Bespoke frameless shower design

At Room H2o we’re experts in the design, manufacture and installation of custom showers. We can make a fabulous shower enclosure to fit in what may appear to be the most awkward of spaces. Low or sloping ceilings, beams and structural features in bathrooms can all restrict the ability to fit a standard shower door, screen or enclosure. But, with our frameless shower enclosures, we can create a stylish shower in virtually any space.

Frameless bathscreen with fixed and angled hinged panel for a loft conversion Thames Ditton

We design and produce exclusive bespoke frameless shower doors, enclosures and wetroom screens, using state-of-the-art shower design software. Each one is precision manufactured so it needs little or no adjustment. Each features 10mm thick glass, exceptionally high-quality hinges, braces and brackets, and discrete sealing profiles to deliver a stunningly minimalistic appearance. Individually manufactured to your own specific requirements, we can create a custom shower that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and the space you have available.

Small showers and showers for awkward spaces

Some of our most popular custom showers are angled panels and enclosures for loft conversions, a well as end of bath shower enclosures, for creating a full shower in the space at the end of a bath. This usually involves a half-height side panel on the end of the bath, to separate it from the shower.

Frameless shower with dwarf side panel created by Room H2o in the space at the end of a bath

We have unrivalled expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing custom showers for all kinds of awkward spaces including sloping walls with a skylight in loft conversions and around beams and other features in period properties. Usually (but not always) when we design a custom shower, a made-to-measure shower tray will be required too, and we can manufacture custom shower trays in a wide selection of colours and sizes to perfectly complement your frameless shower – from angled and square cut outs to bespoke widths and lengths.

A custom made shower tray with cut away corners produced for Conceptual Homes in Poole Dorset by Room H2o

Custom showers are complex structures, which need precision measuring and manufacturing. This is why we always recommend our measuring and installing services, although we’re also able to manufacture a frameless shower to your own measurements and deliver for you to install yourself if you want to.

To find out more about our how our custom showers can create a luxurious experience in any space, please contact us.

Innovative New Black Shower Screens from Drench Now At Room H2o

At Room H2o we strive to always offer our customers the very best quality products and the latest innovations in bathroom design. So, we’re proud to now be exclusive Dorset stockists of the revolutionary Drench range of grid and coloured shower screens and enclosures.

Black grid style 1400mm walk in wetroom shower screen by Drench

As the newest bespoke shower enclosure manufacturer in the UK, Drench Europe offers a superlative selection of shower doors, wetroom screens and bath screens – all now available from us here at Room H2o.

Exceptional style and functionality

Seeking to combine the demands of comfort and style, the coloured shower screens from Drench embrace the rigours of modern life, with the desire for luxury design. Available in three stunning versions, with a range of glass colour options, the Drench shower screens bring the epitome of indulgence and panache to a bathroom.

Like a traditional shower door, the Drench Europe grid shower screens have a frame around the glass panels, with metal frames laid over the glass to create a window grid, in three sensational styles. Whether a pivoting shower door, side panels or fixed walk-in shower screen, these are an exceptionally stylish addition to any bathroom or wetroom.

Grid shower screens

Black framed Grid pivot shower door with inline panel by Drench Europe

Designed with industrial chic in mind, these magnificent frames elegantly bring intimacy to your shower experience, adding character and an inspirational edge to your bathroom. And, with a choice of any colour powder coat finish you like, the Drench bespoke grid shower screens impeccably suit your individual design and taste.

Art Deco style shower screens

Black Art Deco framed shower enclosure with pivot door by Drench

With the metal frames applied horizontally, the Drench Art Deco style shower screens offer a fabulous sense of stability, evoking a feeling of tranquillity and harmony. Choose the colour you desire for the frame, to create your perfect indulgent shower experience.

Linea coloured shower screens

Vertical lines on the Drench Linea shower screens unfalteringly lift the eye, mind and spirit. This style oozes strength and adds character and purpose to any bathroom. Choose your colour of powder coat finish for the frame to inject your own personality and style.

Bespoke grid and coloured shower screens

The fixed panel shower screens can be bought as standard, in sizes of 800, 900, 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm. The fixed panel grid styles start from £1,120, while the Art Deco style shower screens and Linea coloured shower screens start from £900. The pivoting shower doors and side panels are made to measure, offering exceptional flexibility for awkward spaces and angles. As these are bespoke items, each is unique in both design and in price.

The frames in the Drench range of shower screens are available in Black RAL powder coating as standard. All RAL colours are available as bespoke options, at 30% extra – covering yellows, beiges, oranges, reds, violets, blues, greens, greys, browns, whites and blacks. The glass is clear as standard, with bespoke frosted class, grey tinted glass and fluted glass available for 30% extra. Standard items are ready within three weeks of ordering, and bespoke options within four to six weeks.

See these stunning new coloured shower screens from Drench Europe for yourself at our bathroom showroom in Wareham

New Shower Tray & Wall Heaters By Thermonet

Imagine a luxurious frameless, bespoke shower enclosure or a magnificently spacious wet room. Now add a sumptuous electric shower floor and wall tile warmer from Thermonet’s new range, and you have the ultimate indulgent experience.

Electric shower floor and wall heating mats for wetrooms and shower rooms

Leading electric underfloor heating manufacturer, Thermonet, has launched a deluxe new electric underfloor heating mat for wetroom floors and shower walls – offering the epitome of luxury and relaxation. Designed to be installed under tiles or shower trays, this wetroom underfloor heating creates a wonderful ambience of warmth and serenity.

Luxury with practicality

No matter how luxurious, shower enclosures often block heat from bathrooms or wetrooms, leaving them cold. Floor and wall heat mats produce splendid warmth to step into – perfect for a cold winter morning shower. And it’s not just about indulgence – they have a host of practical benefits too. By helping to quickly dry water and moisture, they can assist in reducing mould and damp smells, and prolong the life of grout and silicone sealants. A dry floor also helps to prevent slipping – ideal for children and the elderly.

Thermonet Electric Underfloor Heating Bathroom Floor installation cut away image

Generating a delightful atmosphere for your shower enclosure, the Thermonet shower wall heaters are simple to install underneath any tiles – you just stick them to the wall of your shower or wet room, and tile over them. These heating mats come in one size (1.4m x 0.5m), although made-to-measure versions are available by special order, if you’ve created a bespoke shower area in a loft conversion or other awkward space, for example.

Thermonet’s shower tray heaters are available in 1m x 1m, 1.2m x 0.9m and 1.5m x 0.8m sizes, with a cut-out ready for a floor drain, and 1.2m x 0.9m for wetroom showers with linear drains. Floor heaters can also be customised upon request – making them ideal for use with our range of bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures.

Bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures

The Thermonet wetroom floor and wall heating mats are the perfect accompaniment to our exquisite range of luxury frameless glass shower screens. For a true minimalist appearance, our frameless glass shower enclosures are made with just 10mm thick toughened safety glass, with high-quality metal hinges and components.

A large luxury frameless glass shower enclosure with wetroom tiled floor and shower seat on display at the Room H2o bathroom showroom in Wareham Dorset

We design, manufacture and install innovative custom-made shower enclosures that allow you to create the shower experience you want, whatever the space you have to work with.

To find out more about the Thermonet range of electric underfloor and wall heating mats, or to discuss your bespoke frameless shower enclosure requirements, please contact us.