Presenting The New 3D Shadow Tile Collection

At Room H2o we pride ourselves on offering our customers the ultimate in luxury bathroom products. So we’re particularly excited to welcome the New Year with the introduction of the highly innovative ‘3D Shadow’ Onyx-effect tile collection by Porcel-Thin.

Embracing advances in 3D digital tile printing, this outstanding collection of ultra-thin tiles offers a truly sumptuous addition to any bathroom. Traditional Onyx-effect tiles are given a whole new dimension with 3D printing, creating a depth to the tile’s surface that makes a beautifully stylish and subtle statement.

Tiles rich in colour and texture

This collection impeccably captures the splendor of Onyx in each tile, from the crystalline texture to the rich colours and complex details of its surface. With a beautiful polished finish, these stunning porcelain tiles are available in six charming colours – from the luxurious warm tones of ‘Royal Jade’ to the elegant stone effect of ‘River Onyx’ – each one is crafted to tastefully enhance any bathroom or wet room design.

A flawless tiled finish

The ultra-thin tiles in Porcel-Thin’s Shadow collection are less than half as thick and heavy as a standard porcelain tile, at just 5.5mm. But with absolutely no compromise on strength – independent tests have proven them to be almost twice as strong. And, because the tiles can be easily cut, drilled and shaped with standard tiling tools, you can be sure of a truly flawless finish.

This exquisite new collection from Porcel-Thin allows you to bring the breathtaking beauty of Onyx to any domestic or commercial bathroom or wet room, while offering low maintenance and durability. Available in extra large 1800 x 900mm and 900 x 900mm standard sizes, these ultra-thin porcelain tiles are also kind to the environment as they use less material and energy to produce.

Find out more about these exciting new 3D Shadow Onyx-effect porcelain tiles, by contacting us today.

Hygienic & Stylish; Porcel-Thin Antibacterial Porcelain Tiles

With exceptional antibacterial properties, Bac-Tech porcelain tiles are the ultimate choice for a hygienic bathroom design – with all the style and beauty that’s synonymous with Porcel-Thin’s state-of-the-art porcelain tiles.

A modern bathroom featuring off white Porcel-Thin large format porcelain wall and floor tiles

Renowned for sophistication and luxury, the Bac-Tech antibacterial bathroom tiles from Porcel-Thin take bathroom design and wet room design to a whole new level. This new range of revolutionary porcelain tiles offers high levels of bacteria-controlling agents, for unrivalled long lasting hygiene and water resistance.

Unparalleled hygiene with Porcel-Thin anti-bacterial bathroom tiles

The Bac-Tech porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles offer exceptional cleanliness, bringing hygiene to the forefront of stylish bathroom design.

  • The thin porcelain tiles contain Zinc Oxide nanoparticles, with high levels of antimicrobial agents to kill and control harmful bacteria.
  • As the antibacterial action runs through the whole porcelain tile, not just under the surface, it won’t be worn away or scratched. This means the effectiveness of the tile’s hygiene lasts as long as the tile does.
  • These antibacterial bathroom tiles offer protection from MRSA and MSSA. Testing by the UK Health & Safety Laboratory found a 98% bacterial kill rate for MRSA and 96% for MSSA, over 24 hours.


Alongside the outstanding cleanliness and hygiene benefits, the innovative Bac-Tech porcelain tiles are remarkably hard wearing, and the matt finish creates a highly effective non-slip bathroom floor.

Antibacterial bathroom tiles in stunning colours and effects

Porcel-Thin cream antibacterial porcelain floor tiles with PARIS leaf pattern wall tiles

Available in a range of gorgeous finishes, including plain, stone and wood effect, and in the Porcel-Thin signature large 1200X600mm format, the Bac-Tech antibacterial bathroom tiles certainly don’t sacrifice style for function. With colours ranging from sleek, clean and crisp White, to beautiful nature-inspired Fern Green, with subtle Cream and bold Steel Grey in between, these chic porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles will sit perfectly alongside any bathroom design – from contemporary to rustic. And with even more styles coming soon, it’s never been easier to embrace both on-trend and hygienic bathroom design.

Revolutionary and sophisticated thin porcelain tiles

The innovative Porcel-Thin tile collection presents a stunning choice of porcelain tiles for any bathroom design and wet room design. And the new Bac-Tech antibacterial bathroom tiles exude all the same fabulous qualities.

  • Porcel-Thin tiles are over 50% thinner than standard 13mm porcelain tiles, but proven to be just as tough and hard wearing.
  • Being larger than standard-format tiles, fewer antibacterial bathroom tiles are needed, meaning less gaps and grout lines and smoother, neater coverage.
  • As the porcelain tiles resist dirt, grease and oils, and have ultra-low water absorption of below 0.5%, they stay cleaner for longer.
  • The Porcel-Thin tiles won’t crack or warp, keeping your bathroom floor hygienic, safe and even under foot.


Porcel-Thin tiles are easy to install and maintain, but our bathroom design, supply and installation team are more than happy to help you create your perfect, hygienic and stylish bathroom.

Find out more about the Bac-Tech antibacterial bathroom tiles, and see our entire collection of porcelain tiles, by visiting our extensive bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Non-Slip Tiles For Safe & Stylish Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom design, there’s more to think about than how aesthetically pleasing it will be. Of course, style plays a large part in your planning, but you should also consider how to make your bathroom a safe place to be – from the layout to choosing anti-slip tiles for the floor.

Impey linear wetroom floor former with black non-slip porcelain floor tiles
While there’s no way to guarantee 100% non-slip in a bathroom, wet room or any other area that will be prone to wet conditions or spillage, there are things you can do to dramatically reduce the chances of slipping, and make it a safer place to be.

Floor tiles for slip resistance

There aren’t actually any building regulations around reducing slip hazards, so the safety aspects of your bathroom design are down to personal choice. There are, however, laws and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines for the use of floor tiles in commercial environments – like a restaurant kitchen or hotel bathrooms.

It’s important to remember that ALL surfaces can become slippery when wet – whatever floor tiles or wall tiles you opt for in your bathroom design. However, non-slip tiles are given ‘ratings’ based on slip-resistance testing. ‘R-Ratings’ is one of the systems used, with results of tiles ranging from R-9 to R-13, and the higher the rating, the better slip resistance.

Tiles are also rated by the more accurate ‘pendulum test value’ (PTV). Porcel-Thin is one of the leading UK porcelain tile brands, and employs this rigorous testing regime in-house, on its own fabulous range of non-slip, ultra-thin porcelain tiles, which are available through our sister company, UK Tiles Direct.

Using anti-slip tiles in your bathroom design

Anti-slip tiles vary in styles, effects and textures, so you can find the perfect floor tile or wall tile to work with your bathroom design. Just because you’re considering safety, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Think about the material you want to use in your overall design – whether you’re embracing the natural look that’s hugely popular in modern bathrooms, or a traditional theme, there’s a wide range of stylish anti-slip tiles to sit perfectly within any bathroom design.

Stylish and modern bathroom with Impey wet shower room floor and non-slip floor tiles

Stunning effects of porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles

Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for both walls and floors, offering a stunning backdrop. And, other than cutting, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles need no other applications or treatments before being fitted in a bathroom or wetroom.

With modern technology allowing for exceptionally realistic reproductions of natural stone and wood, you can enjoy all the durability of a porcelain or ceramic tile, with the fabulous characteristics of these gorgeous materials. Wood effect tiles and stone effect tiles offer practicality and, with the intricate detailing and textures of the real thing, slip resistance alongside sophistication.

Stone effect large porcelain non-slip tiles by Porcel-Thin in Tobacco colour

UK Tiles Direct has an unrivalled choice of anti-slip floor and wall tiles, in a variety of stunning effects, finishes and colours, available to view at our bathroom and tile showroom in Dorset.

Make a statement with mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles open up a world of opportunities for the design of any bathroom or wetroom. They offer natural slip resistance due to the texture and the grout lines, which act as a ‘gulley’ to help water disperse. With such a varied range of mosaic tiles available, in an array of colours and effects, you can create an exceptionally stylish bathroom, with a spectacular feature floor or wall. The mesh backing on mosaic tiles also makes them easy to manoeuvre into place.

Mosaic tiles are a good option for creating grip on bathroom floors and in wetrooms

Maintaining a safe bathroom design

While the benefits of non-slip tiles in your bathroom or wetroom design are evident, it’s also worth also thinking about the on-going maintenance, as sometimes a rougher surface on floor and wall tiles can make them harder to clean.

Plans and drawings for a bathroom and shower room created by Room H2o

So much choice when it comes to creating your ideal – and safe – bathroom can be overwhelming. At Room H2o we have specialist designers who can help you every step of the way to achieving your perfect bathroom design. To find out more about our bathroom design and installation services, and view the full collection of anti-slip bathroom tiles available from Room H2o, please visit our showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Top Bathroom Tile & Colour Trends For 2017

From marble to metallic, this year’s hottest bathroom design trends include the return of some old favourites and the emergence of some chic new ideas. With exciting and innovative twists on retro themes, and a fresh edge on classic effects, we take a look at some of the latest must-haves in bathroom and wetroom design.

And, with our specialist bathroom design and bathroom installation services, we can help turn your dream bathroom into reality in 2017.

Magnificent marble bathroom tiles

Bathroom design and installation isn’t just about fixtures and fittings, it’s about creating a place of relaxation, a haven of tranquillity. So, it’s no wonder some of nature’s finest materials will be prominent considerations in bathroom design this year.

Beautiful period style bathroom with white book match Calacatta marble effect porcelain tiles

Image courtesy of Porce-Thin

Take marble, for example. For the intricate beauty and sophistication it brings to a bathroom, marble is the ‘material of the moment’. From vanity worktops to bathroom tiles, luxurious marble will feature strongly. Marble floor tiles and wall tiles bring an instant feel of luxury, like the stunning and unique shading of the Imperial Dark Polished marble tiles from our sister company UK Tiles Direct, and the subtle earthy tones and surface variation of the Imperial Light Polished marble.

Marble-effect porcelain tiles are a fabulous, cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative, with exceptional qualities making them hard to distinguish from the real thing. UK Tiles Direct offers a wonderful range of marble-effect tiles, in exquisite colours.

Natural materials

We’ll see natural materials being combined to create a new edge to bathroom and wetroom design. Marble will be used alongside wood and ceramic tiles, for a gorgeous combination of warmth and shine. The rich variety of timber, stone, metal and ceramics will be used a way not seen before, brought to life with plants for a delightful ambience.

Luxury bathroom featuring imperial light beige marble wall and floor tiles with a freestanding bath

Natural stone will retain its huge popularity, for the wonderful character and detail it brings to bathroom and wetroom design. Natural stone tiles will work perfectly alongside any theme, on both floors and walls, and with fantastically realistic stone-effect tiles, like the superb range from UK Tiles Direct, you can enjoy the wonder of Mother Nature’s finest at a fraction of the price.

Retro-inspired bathroom design

Think 1960’s and 1970’s trends, with herringbone flooring, brick, and pale woods. And not just reserved for the bathroom, this is a key interior design trend for any room in the home.

Retro inspired bathroom with light herringbone wood flooring and Duravit bathroom suite

The Pattaya collection of Porcel-Thin tiles offers fantastic large-format wood-effect tiles in five elegant tones of timber, which can be used as both floor tiles and wall tiles. Patterned and coloured tiles are also set to be big, like the magnificent Lagos mosaic tile collection, with super retro colours including lime green, spectacular bright red and purple – perfect for creating a feature wall or using contrasting colours to divide ‘zones’ in a bathroom, for an amazing effect.

Bathroom design that sparkles

Colour-wise, warm tones will overtake pale, with fiery terracotta bringing a touch of the Med to the most stylish bathroom and shower room designs, and matt finishes creating character and warmth.

Stunning wetroom features bronze toned ceramic and metallic mosaic tiles

Taking inspiration from metal, space, stars and the cosmos, jewel tones are set to be a massive hit this year. Bright metallic fixtures and fittings are right on-trend, like the stunning selection from Crosswater that can be seen at our Wareham showroom. Dazzling jewel tones can be easily integrated into your bathroom design with the fabulous Planet Gold Circle or Cosmos Grey mosaic tiles, or the beautifully deep Galaxy Black. And you can create sparkle and interest with the Kerakoll Fuga Tile Glitter Grout in silver or gold.

For more inspirational ideas, and to find out more about our bathroom design and bathroom installation services, please visit our showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Fabulous New Collection of Marazzi Tiles For Your Bathroom

Italian porcelain tile brand, Marazzi, is one of distinction. With a history spanning over 50 years, Marazzi played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the Italian tile industry, revolutionising technologies and design, with a clear focus on defined, reliable tiles, which are made to last.

Luxury spa featuring Marazzi Stoneway Beige porcelain wall and floor tiles

We’re delighted to now offer you a range of stunning porcelain tiles from the exceptional Marazzi tile collections, in addition to our already extensive portfolio of tiles available through our sister company, UK Tiles Direct. And, at our bathroom and tile showroom, in Wareham, Dorset, you can see the magnificence of these tiles for yourself, in two of our stunning new bathroom displays.

Premier porcelain floor tiles and porcelain wall tiles

Symbolising the best of Italian porcelain tiles, in terms of style and manufacturing, our new range of Marazzi tiles offer inspirational bathroom design ideas. The exquisite designs of these high-quality porcelain tiles present an exceptionally stylish addition to any bathroom.

Stunning stone effect tiles for bathrooms

The Iside collection is a fabulous stone effect porcelain tile, which embraces the elegance and effortless beauty of natural sandstone. Characterised by soft, slightly granular opaque and veined surfaces, this collection brings a wonderful sense of luxury to a bathroom. Suitable for use on both floors and walls, the Iside collection boasts a choice of six delightful colour variations, in three different sized tiles.

In one of our fantastic new displays, you can see the Iside bianco porcelain wall tiles as a gorgeous backdrop to a chic bathroom design idea, which includes a Vado Elegance Black Speckled Electric Shower, with a Simpsons Grey Slate curved shower tray, within a stylish Merlyn shower enclosure. The floor covering in this display is the Marazzi Burlington Anthracite stone effect porcelain floor tile – a stone-look glazed porcelain tile, which is available in four colours and the unusual size of 15×90, to create a sleek and sophisticated look.

High-quality Italian porcelain bathroom tiles

In our second bathroom display, you can see the beautiful Stoneway Porfido stone effect porcelain tile, in highly contemporary black and ivory, working perfectly alongside a highly on-trend black basin tap from Rialto and a white low-profile designer shower tray from Simpsons. Designed specifically for use in wet areas, these outstanding tiles have an impeccably detailed and textured finish and are perfect for both walls and floors, inside and out. The Marazzi Stoneway Porfido is available in six colours and four sizes and perfectly embraces the concept of a visual continuity between interior and exterior, or between wall and floor.

Vist our new and improved Dorset bathroom and tile showroom

Visit our newly re-vamped showroom in Wareham, Dorset, to see the beauty of Marazzi tiles, available through our sister company, UK Tiles Direct. You can also see our complete collection of luxury bathroom furnitureshower enclosures, sanitary ware and taps.

Kerakoll High-Performance Eco-Friendly Tile Grouts

At Room H2o we endeavour to only offer our customers the best possible products, from some of the most respected brands. And with the Kerakoll Eco range of tile grouts and adhesives we make no exception.

Kerakoll FUGABELLA flexible and anti-bacterial mineral tile grouts for indoor and outdoor tiling projects

As the leading manufacturer of single-component adhesives, Kerakoll has been producing quality, high-performance tile grouts for over 40 years. Kerakoll’s vision has always been to ‘make a difference through sustainable innovation’, and this is evident in the Kerakoll H40 Eco range of eco-friendly tile grouts and adhesives. All the tile grouts are made from natural materials and are recyclable, making this the most environmentally friendly range of wall and floor tile grouts available.

The essential eco tile grout for any project

Whether a commercial or domestic setting, whether indoors or outside, the H40 Eco grouts offer high flexibility and durability, no matter what the project – from porcelain, ceramic and stone, to glass mosaics, ultra-thin and large format tiles. Highly water resistant, the bathroom and wetroom tile grouts are ideal for swimming pools and steam rooms, and suitable to use with both wet and dry underfloor heating.

High performance grouts for wall and floor tiles

Boasting a large number of coloured tile grouts, the Kerakoll range offers solutions for every taste and design. And, being naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, Kerakoll’s range of tile grouts, adhesives and sealants are extremely resilient to dirt, which makes cleaning and maintaining easy.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 0-5 – a very fine textured tile grout for thin joints

Scratch resistant and hardwearing, Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 0-5 has a fine texture and comes in 28 colours, with a range of matching silicone sealants. Suitable for 1 to 5mm joints.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 2-12 – tile grout for wide joints

With a slightly coarser texture for 2 to 12mm joints, Kerakoll Fugabella Eco PORC 2-12 is a hardwearing, scratch resistant tile grout, available in 12 colours with a range of matching sealants.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco FLEX – rapid setting tile grout suitable for all applications

A rapid setting version of the Eco PORC grouts, the Kerakoll Fugabella Eco FLEX is extra fine, with a choice of seven colours, and suitable for 2 to 12mm joints.

Kerakoll Fugalite Eco – a special epoxy tile grout for wet environments such as wetrooms

Kerakoll Fugalite Eco is a liquid epoxy based grout, developed specifically for wet environments. Flexible and rapid setting, it’s highly resistant to damage, mould and bacteria, making it ideal for food preparation or medical areas. A choice of 30 colours includes options with Swarovski crystals!

Kerakoll Fuga Glitter – for tile grout that sparkles

As a decoration for the Fugalite Eco, the Kerakoll Fuga Glitter Tile Grout additive is a beautiful gold glitter that gives a dramatic and stylish effect, particularly when used against black tiles.

For details of the full range of Kerakoll high-performance, eco-friendly tile grouts and adhesives, please click here.

Kerakoll: The Only Tile Adhesive You Will Ever Need

As leading bathroom and tile specialists Room H2O pride ourselves on the quality of the tiling products we supply. For the best results we only recommend one company: Kerakoll.

H40 ECO TENAFLEX flexible mineral tile adhesive web image

Their superb range of flexible, high performance tile adhesives are the most versatile and eco-friendly available. Suitable for both professional and DIY use their selection of H40 tile adhesives set the benchmark for both interior and exterior use, including extreme wet environments such swimming pools, steam or wet rooms.

In addition, All of Kerakoll’s H40 tile adhesives are ideal for fixing almost any wall or floor tiles, including mosaic, ceramic, porcelain (ultra-thin and large format) or natural stone.

The Kerakoll H40 Mineral Tile Adhesive Range

H40 Eco Flex – Standard eco-friendly, flexible tile adhesive for indoor or outdoor use

Reliable white flexible tile adhesive suitable for floors or walls, including underfloor heating systems or damp environments. Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Tenaflex – THE flexible tile adhesive!

Fully waterproof and perfect for swimming pools, steam or wetrooms. Recommended for large format Porcel-Thin tiles. White (Eco rating 4) or grey (Eco rating 3) available.

H40 Eco Rapid – Extra-fast setting version of H40 Eco Tenaflex

Can be adjusted for up to 20 mins but is still ready to grouted and walked on in just 3 hrs. Eco 2 rated.

H40 Eco Rapidflex – Specially formulated for wooden flooring

Premium Flexible tile adhesive which can be used on wooden floor substrates without over boarding or a separate primer. The UK’s only P2 rated mineral tile adhesive! Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Flotex – Perfect for Porcel-Thin’s thin and large format tiles

Ideal for large and thin format tiles (such as Porcel-Thin), as well as heavy loads or high traffic areas.  3hr pot working time and 100% back coverage guaranteed, without the need for “double spreading”. Floor only use. Eco 3 rated.

H40 Eco Ideal – Your 1st choice tile adhesive for direct use on anhydritic substrates or plaster

Formulated to stop the usual reaction that takes place between normal products and the gypsum of water repellent base the anti-sulphate micro-components in this tile adhesive mean it can be used without a primer. Brilliant white, easy to apply and a no vertical slip guarantee gives a quick, reliable finished product. Eco 5 rated.

H40 Eco Marmorex – Strong tile adhesive for water sensitive marble

A unique no-stain formula locks in mixing water making it perfect for marble, natural stone, cement or resin based products. Strong enough for walls and floors, its vertical non-slip properties make it perfect for securing large marble products to walls. Eco 5 rated.

A full list of Kerakoll’s high performance, eco-friendly products can be found on our website, as well as that of our sister company, UK Tiles Direct – the official agents for Kerakoll products in Dorset.

Kerakoll eco-friendly tile adhesives and grouts arrive at Room H2O

We are pleased to announce that Room H2O, in conjunction with our sister company UK Tiles Direct, has been appointed sole agents for the Kerakoll range of eco-friendly tile adhesives and mineral screeds in Dorset.

Kerakoll is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly substrate mineral screeds and adhesives that are suitable for use with ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles.  Kerakoll’s comprehensive range of eco-building products includes binders and screeds, levelling and self-levelling compounds, substrate preparation, adhesives, grouts and silicon sealants.

As winners of the 2011 prize for Sustainable Development, Kerakoll is a market leader in Green Building promoting innovative building solutions through the use of eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials.  Kerakoll products have a low environmental impact that safeguards the health and wellbeing of contractors and end-users.

Pallet discounts and free delivery in Dorset

The complete range of Kerakoll tiling adhesives, grouts, silicon sealants and substrate products are stocked by Room H2O at our warehouse in Wareham and are available for rapid FREE DELIVERY* to any address or site in Dorset and pallet discounts are available for tiling and construction professionals.  Pallet orders are also available for next day delivery nationwide.

If you would like to know more about Kerakoll eco-friendly tiling and building products please contact us or alternatively visit our bathroom and tile showroom on Sandford Lane in Wareham, Dorset.

*Minimum order value of £100 is required for free delivery.