Drench Shower Screens Offer Bespoke Solutions in Over 1,500 Colours

Sometimes, space constraints don’t allow for standard or ‘off-the-shelf’ shower enclosures. And awkward angles, like in loft conversions or small rooms, demand more complex solutions. Thanks to the revolutionary range of Drench shower screens, we can offer you made to measure shower screens and bath screens – in a massive choice of colours and styles – to suit almost any situation.

Drench Art Deco shower enclosure in black colour

We want to help you indulge in the perfect shower experience – whatever the size or shape of the bathroom or wet room. With the innovative range of Drench coloured shower screens, it’s possible to have the shower you desire, in any colour that takes your fancy!

Made to measure shower screens for any space

Drench black shower enclosure with made to measure dwarf wall side panel

With the stylish bespoke shower screens from Drench, you can have a shower enclosure to exactly fit your space – from a small en suite or a loft extension to an end of bath or over bath screen – these made to measure shower screens can be designed to your exact requirements. Combining both comfort and style, we can help you create a luxurious and extremely practical addition to your bathroom or wet room. The stunning bespoke shower enclosures and bathr screens are available in four highly chic designs, with an array of colour and glass options. Like a traditional shower door, they have a frame around the glass panels, but with metal frames laid onto the glass to create sophisticated grids.

Bespoke bath shower screens

Drench Art Deco style made to measure bath screen with black frame

When it comes to shower screens for a bath, the Drench range offers an exceptionally stylish solution. Whether at the end of a bath or over it, these bespoke bath shower screens offer practicality and indulgence. Whatever the size of your bathroom and however the layout, the Drench shower screens can accommodate any space. If you don’t have room for a separate shower, you can still enjoy a luxurious experience by customising your shower screen in a style and colour of your choosing, giving a wonderfully chic dimension to your bathroom.  You can even utilise the space at the end of your bath with the addition of a made to measure shower enclosure, which uses a standard height shower screen, with a dwarf panel that sits on top of the bath to create one side. This is an ideal solution for small bathrooms, creating more wall space for a towel rail or even a sink.

Stylishly coloured shower panels

RAL colour chart includes over 1600 colours

The Drench range offers the opportunity to completely customise your coloured shower screen with any RAL colour. While black is always a timeless and popular choice, there are 1,625 you can choose from! Whether you want a classic look or a contemporary effect, whether you’d like your coloured shower panels to seamlessly complement your fixtures and fittings or create a stunning contrast, the Drench range offers it all. From yellows, beiges, oranges, reds, violets, blues, greens, greys, browns and whites, you can inject personality to your bathroom and even add frosted, grey, green, fluted and ultra-clear glass too.

Drench made to measure shower screens offer a beautiful blend of privacy and light, with the aluminium bars giving a sense of concealment, while natural light is beautifully diffused by the glass, giving a fabulous and sophisticated bathroom design.

See these stunning range of bespoke and coloured shower screens from Drench for yourself, at our showroom in Wareham, Dorset.