Our Guide To Planning A Great En-suite Bathroom

En-suite bathrooms are a great addition to any home, for comfort, convenience and value. But there’s lot to think about when planning your en-suite bathroom design – from plumbing and electrics to fixtures and fittings. Here’s a guide to help you get the most from your en-suite bathroom installation and design

Loft en-suite bathroom with frameless walk-in shower screen

Loft en-suite bathroom with frameless walk-in shower screen

Think about the space you have for an en-suite bathroom

Where are you planning to put your en-suite? The space you have available is the determining factor in what you can do with your en-suite bathroom design. But, thanks to clever space-saving ideas and bespoke products like made-to-measure shower screens, even the smallest of areas can be transformed into an en-suite bathroom.

An en-suite bathroom design proposal created with Virtual Worlds

An en-suite bathroom design proposal created with Virtual Worlds 

Take time to think about how you can make the most of the space you have. Do you need a simple, convenient en-suite bathroom or do you want to create a more luxurious place to relax? Chic shower designs, whether an over-bath shower or a shower enclosure with a frameless glass shower screen, and fabulous bathroom tiles – from large porcelain tiles to mosaics and marble – will all help you create your perfect space.

The construction of your en-suite bathroom

If you’re re-fitting an en-suite bathroom, you probably won’t need building regulations approval, as long as you’re just replacing existing fittings with new ones. If you’re fitting a new en-suite bathroom, then it’s likely you’ll need building regulations approval to make sure ventilation, drainage, electrical work and structural stability meet standard requirements.

If your bathroom design involves creating a new room or partitioning an existing one, then you’ll need to add extra walls, and the construction of these is highly important. You would usually build a stud wall, with a timber frame and plasterboard over the top, which should be water resistant to help avoid damp. It’s also worth thinking at this stage if you want the structure of your en-suite bathroom to be part of the overall bathroom design – for example, open beams or exposed brickwork.

Heating and plumbing options for an en-suite bathroom design

There are many heating and plumbing options to consider for your en-suite bathroom – from the type of boiler you have down to the water pressure. And these will be some of the determining factors when you’re choosing the fixtures for your bathroom design.

If you have a combi boiler, you need to make sure it has enough hot water flow to supply to another bathroom, and check your water pressure so you can choose the right taps and ensure the most appropriate shower installation. In en-suite bathroom design, heated towel rails are a popular choice over radiators, as a practical solution where space is limited.

Cutaway bathroom floor showing Thermonet electric underfloor heating system

Cutaway bathroom floor showing Thermonet electric underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating is ideal in an en-suite bathroom, for a continuous warm environment. Electric underfloor heating works brilliantly with large, thin porcelain tiles, keeping them lovely and warm underfoot and allowing for quick drying.

Choosing your en-suite bathroom lighting and electrics

First and foremost, safety is key when it comes to the lighting and electrics for your en-suite bathroom. Always consult a qualified and registered electrician to help with installing your electrics and lighting, as there are strict regulations on what you can use in a wet environment.

Effective bathroom lighting highlights design features and washing areas

Effective bathroom lighting in this luxury en-suite highlights design features and washing areas

Your choice of lighting can set the mood, make wonderful effects and help to give the illusion of a bigger space. Using different kinds of lighting can create wonderful ambience, offer practicality and really brighten things up if you don’t have a window in your en-suite bathroom. Well-placed spotlights are good for giving bright and directional light, and can be surface mounted or set into walls, ceilings and floors.

Selecting tiles for the floor and walls of your en-suite bathroom

Bathroom tiles offer a world of opportunities for both the style and function of your en-suite bathroom. Our sister company, UK Tiles Direct, has a fabulous range of tiling ideas for en-suite bathrooms. The beautiful collection of ceramic, natural stone and coloured glass mosaic tiles are ideal for both walls and floors – from the sophisticated Cosmos Grey and Black Square, to the stunning beige hues of Planet Gold Circle. Add a splash of colour with Quartz Red or go bold with Lagos Lima or Lagos Corinto – guaranteed to inject personality and brighten up any space.

Porcel-Thin book matched white marble porcelain tiles create and eye-catching backdrop for the elegant freestanding bath

Porcel-Thin book matched white marble porcelain tiles create and eye-catching backdrop for the elegant freestanding bath  

With a stunning selection of large porcelain tiles, you can create a wonderfully spacious and seamless floor, with fewer grout lines for easier upkeep. Advances in technology have made it possible to produce exceptionally realistic marble and wood look tiles, which are a fabulous and extremely hardwearing alternative to the real thing. The stunning Silk Silver marble effect exudes luxury, while the Jurassic Vein Black brings a striking ‘wow factor’ to any en-suite bathroom.

Always use the right products when installing your bathroom tiles, like waterproof tile adhesive and waterproof tile grout, available from the Kerakoll range.

Your en-suite bathroom fixtures and fittings

Possibly one of the biggest considerations when installing an en-suite bathroom is your choice of fixtures and fittings. Much of this will be determined by the space you have to work with, but you certainly don’t have to compromise on style, even in the smallest of rooms.

At Room H2o, we have a wide range of luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings to suit all tastes and budgets. Our selection includes both modern and traditional basin taps including designer offerings from major brands, such as Vado, Crosswater, Woodstock and Rialto. We also have a variety of high-quality toilets to suit any en-suite bathroom design – from wall hung and floor standing, to duel flush and water saving options.

Designer Hero wall hung toilet and wide vanity unit by Roper Rhodes

Hero designer wall hung toilet and wide vanity unit by Roper Rhodes

Our extensive selection of shower enclosures, frameless glass shower screens, made-to-measure shower screens and bespoke shower trays offers something for everyone. For the epitome of luxury, make a bold, contemporary statement with the innovative Drench range of black shower enclosures, or choose one of our stunning frameless glass shower enclosures, made to your exact requirements.

From our highly skilled bathroom designers to our installation technicians, our team of experts is here to help you create your perfect en-suite bathroom. Get in touch with us or visit our large bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset, today.