Top Bathroom Design Tips & Advice

With so many amazing design possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to planning a new bathroom. While style and functionality are, of course, very important, there are a whole host of other things you should consider to really make sure you’re getting the bathroom of your dreams. Here, we share some of our bathroom planning advice with you.

Contemporary bathroom design image using Virtual Worlds software

How you use your bathroom

Consider who will be using your bathroom and the needs they may have. If it’s to be the main family bathroom you’ll need a space that’s both child and adult friendly, and maybe even suitable for the elderly. (Click here to read an article about bathrooms for the elderly.) An en-suite, on the other hand, may only be used by a couple of people, so can be more adult focused.

Essential bathroom features

Think about the habits of the people using your bathroom, these can differ depending on who lives in the home. For example, a couple may favour a shower over a bath, in which case you could consider having no bath at all and creating a wetroom or an indulgent shower. With our fabulous made-to-measure shower enclosures and made-to-measure trays you can create the ultimate shower experience in any space.

A family with small children, however, will almost certainly use a bath more. You could have a bath with a shower screen or, if room allows, a bath and a separate shower enclosure. A floor-level shower can be installed practically anywhere and is the perfect choice for family bathrooms, as there’s less of a trip hazard.

Bathroom décor & flooring ideas

Tiles are the perfect choice for a bathroom floor, and a great way to add colour, pattern or texture. Large porcelain wall and floor tiles, like those from Porcel-Thin, are highly stylish and with so many patterns and effects available, there’s one to suit any interior design theme.

Advances in technology have made it possible to produce exceptionally realistic stone effect porcelain tiles, which are a fabulous and extremely hardwearing alternative to the real thing. While real stone is suitable for bathrooms, it can be very expensive and requires a lot of care. With a range of fantastic ultra-thin and large format porcelain wall and floor tiles, you can easily create the stunning effect of natural stone.

Wood effect tiles also open up opportunities for timber to be featured in a bathroom, as real wood isn’t usually suitable in wet areas. With the feel and detailing of the real thing, these porcelain tiles look fabulous on both walls and floors.

Wood effect porcelain tiles in a bathroom

Bathroom & wetroom heating & ventilation

The best way to prevent mould and damp is by controlling moisture with a suitable extractor fan. Make sure it’s positioned somewhere it can quickly and efficiently remove airborne moisture. This will also help to dry the floor and reduce the risk of slipping.

If the bathroom is going to be used by all the family, it’s a good idea to have a towel radiator that’s big enough to dry everyone’s towels. And fitting electric underfloor heating is the ideal solution for a continuous warm environment. Electric underfloor heating works brilliantly with large, thin porcelain tiles, keeping them lovely and warm underfoot and allowing for quick drying.

Storage solutions for every bathroom

Whatever the size of your bathroom, storage space is a must. Whether it’s for toiletries and accessories, linen and towels or children’s toys, there are some fantastic bathroom storage solutions available. Sinks set into a unit with cupboards and drawers are great for keeping everything organised and leaving your bathroom clutter free.

Bathroom storage ideas

Making the most of awkward bathroom spaces

Made-to-measure shower enclosures and shower trays open up a world of possibilities in even the smallest and most awkward of spaces. Sometimes a full-size shower isn’t always viable, perhaps in a small en-suite or a loft conversion, but a bespoke shower enclosure or screen can be manufactured to the exact height and angle you have available. You can even have a stylish end of bath shower enclosure made to measure, to utilise any redundant floor space you may have between the end of your bath and the wall.

Bathroom & wet room design advice

Seeking bathroom design advice can really help you get the absolute best out of your bathroom. Many people simply replace an old bathroom suite with a new one, without considering any other options they may have. With state-of-the-art bathroom design software, bathroom specialists can offer virtual bathroom design services, to help you make the most of the space you have and design a bathroom that’s perfect for you and your needs.

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