Transform Any Space With a Luxury Shower Enclosure

At Room H2o we believe every bathroom should be a beautiful and relaxing place, no matter what size or shape it is. Our range of bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures, and made-to-measure shower trays, allow you to create a luxurious experience, in any space.

With our individually designed frameless glass shower enclosures, which we manufacture here at Room H2o, even the most awkward spaces, such as loft conversions with sloping roofs, can be transformed to your exact layout and size requirements.

Sleek design

Unlike standard shower enclosures, our stylish frameless showers have no metal fixtures or framework, just sleek, clear glass, which is fixed to the wall with discreet brackets and clear silicone sealant. This means glass can be angled and shaped exactly as you need it to be, to accommodate a sloping ceiling, beams or a dwarf wall at the end of your bath, for example.

Each frameless glass shower enclosure boasts extra thick (10mm) toughened safety glass and quality features, such as self-closing hinges, and we design each one individually using state-of-the-art technology.

Privilege made-to-measure shower trays

Our shower enclosures can be installed on both shower trays and tiled wetroom floors. To truly complement your shower screen, our stunning collection of Privilege extra-flat shower trays can also be made to measure, in both size and shape. This exquisite range offers the ultimate in contemporary bathroom design – hardwearing and practical, with no compromise on style.

Professionally installed

Our stunning showers need to be accurately measured and manufactured, so we highly recommend professional installation. We offer an in-house measurement and installation service, to make sure your frameless shower enclosure fits perfectly.

To find out more about our bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures, and our exquisite Privilege extra-flat shower tray collection, please contact us.