Endless Possibilities for Awkward Spaces With Room H2o’s Custom Showers

Just because you don’t have a large bathroom or you have awkward beams or angles to contend with, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a stylish and luxurious shower enclosure.

Frameless shower enclosure with angled panel for a loft conversion in Crydon by Room H2o

With our range of custom made frameless showers, you can indulge in a magnificent shower, no matter what the size or shape of your bathroom. From a loft shower in an en-suite to an end of bath shower, our custom showers are designed so you can enjoy a functional and stunning experience.

Bespoke frameless shower design

At Room H2o we’re experts in the design, manufacture and installation of custom showers. We can make a fabulous shower enclosure to fit in what may appear to be the most awkward of spaces. Low or sloping ceilings, beams and structural features in bathrooms can all restrict the ability to fit a standard shower door, screen or enclosure. But, with our frameless shower enclosures, we can create a stylish shower in virtually any space.

Frameless bathscreen with fixed and angled hinged panel for a loft conversion Thames Ditton

We design and produce exclusive bespoke frameless shower doors, enclosures and wetroom screens, using state-of-the-art shower design software. Each one is precision manufactured so it needs little or no adjustment. Each features 10mm thick glass, exceptionally high-quality hinges, braces and brackets, and discrete sealing profiles to deliver a stunningly minimalistic appearance. Individually manufactured to your own specific requirements, we can create a custom shower that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and the space you have available.

Small showers and showers for awkward spaces

Some of our most popular custom showers are angled panels and enclosures for loft conversions, a well as end of bath shower enclosures, for creating a full shower in the space at the end of a bath. This usually involves a half-height side panel on the end of the bath, to separate it from the shower.

Frameless shower with dwarf side panel created by Room H2o in the space at the end of a bath

We have unrivalled expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing custom showers for all kinds of awkward spaces including sloping walls with a skylight in loft conversions and around beams and other features in period properties. Usually (but not always) when we design a custom shower, a made-to-measure shower tray will be required too, and we can manufacture custom shower trays in a wide selection of colours and sizes to perfectly complement your frameless shower – from angled and square cut outs to bespoke widths and lengths.

A custom made shower tray with cut away corners produced for Conceptual Homes in Poole Dorset by Room H2o

Custom showers are complex structures, which need precision measuring and manufacturing. This is why we always recommend our measuring and installing services, although we’re also able to manufacture a frameless shower to your own measurements and deliver for you to install yourself if you want to.

To find out more about our how our custom showers can create a luxurious experience in any space, please contact us.

Leaking Shower in Wareham Solved with Made-to-Measure Shower Tray

When Mr Smith approached us recently for help with a leaking shower base in his wetroom, we offered the perfect solution with a stylish and ultra-slim made-to-measure shower tray from Fiora.

Leaking shower solved with new flat shower tray and tiling

Built in the 1930s, the property in Wareham, was originally a bungalow and then the roof was raised around five years ago to make a chalet bungalow. Unfortunately, when the work was undertaken the beams weren’t put at the right height, meaning the wetroom had to be built as best as it could. Fast forward a few years and the shower started to leak through to the hallway.

Original wetroom floor that had been leaking water onto the floor joists belowDamage to floor joists caused by a leaking shower in a wetroom


Transforming the leaking shower

The Fiora made to measure shower trays can be custom made in widths of between 600mm and 2000mm, and can be angled and have square cut outs. So, we knew this would be the ideal solution to Mr Smith’s leaking shower tray problem.

Repaired bathroom floor following a leaking showerNew made to measure shower tray for a wetroom by Room H2o


Steve Armour of Room H2o took on the project, which took a total of five days to complete. Mr Smith chose the stunning Fiora Silex Extra Flat shower tray in the gorgeous Nature Cerene tone. The extra flat shower tray measures just 30mm thick and has a sleek, square waste grate. To perfectly complement the made to measure shower tray, we installed a fabulous Elite walk-in easy access shower enclosure from Crosswater. This stylish frameless enclosure helped to completely transform the tired, dated wet room, with its leaking shower tray, into a luxurious and highly stylish walk-in shower experience.

New Simpsons Elite walk-in shower enclosure installed in a wetroom by Room H2o

Bespoke shower trays are the perfect solution for awkward spaces

Made-to-measure shower trays are ideal for any wetroom, in particular those in tight spaces or with awkward angles. The beautiful ultra-slim shower trays from Fiora come in a vast array of fabulous colours and effects, including smooth, slate and brick, and the customised options allow you to transform any size bathroom into a place of style and indulgence.

Made to measure shower tray with cut away corner in caramel colour by Room H2o

The Kerakoll range of tile grouts and sealants

Mr Smith chose and supplied us with tiles for the project, so we selected the finest products from the Kerakoll range for installing them. We used the Kerakoll Fugabella Eco tile grout, which is flexible, waterproof and scratch resistant, in Jasmin colour, to complement the tiles. This grout has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it ideal for bathrooms and wetrooms, and has a high resistance to dirt. To seal the shower enclosure and made to measure shower tray, we used Kerakoll’s Fugabella AM silicone sealant, which is a solvent-free, anti-mould organic sealant, with high levels of elasticity, also in Jasmin.

Mr Smith was thrilled with not only having the problem of his leaking shower tray solved, but also the transformation of his shower enclosure and the quality of Room H2o’s work. He said on his Google review“Excellent quality work and service. Will use them again if the need arises.”

Can we help with your shower or new bathroom?

To find out more about the Fiora made to measure shower tray collection, and to view our bathroom displays and tile collections from some of the leading brands in luxury bathroom design, visit our extensive showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

Make Your Bathroom a Safer Place For Old Age

With nearly 11 million people now aged 65 or over ensuring that our homes are suitable for old age is becoming increasingly important. Being able to continue to live comfortably and safely in their own home for as long as possible is a critical concern to many elderly people. One of the most essential elements in being able to do this is making sure that your bathroom is both safe and adapted for your changing needs.

Room H2O have put together a few practical ways in which you can make your bathroom a safer and easier place to manage as you, or a family member, ages.

This luxury large frameless shower enclosure features a level access wetroom floor and a shower seat perfect for elderly users

Bathroom lighting is important

Good lighting in any bathroom is essential. Dim or insufficient illumination makes accidents far more likely – hiding both trip and slip hazards. Make sure the lighting is bright and even, particularly around the toilet, hand basin and shower/bath areas.

Consider replacing your bath with an easy access shower

Traditional baths have high sides which can be tricky for people with limited mobility or balance issues. Replacing this with a semi-frameless or frameless glass shower enclosure makes access easier and provides adequate room for both you and a carer to assist, if required. Even a small change, such as installing a slim shower tray, will help.

Showers can also easily be fitted with seats, making things more comfortable if you have difficulty standing for any length of time. Elegant designs for these and foot rests mean a practical but stylish bathroom can be maintained.

For those who have severe access issues you may want to consider the installation of a complete wet room – this creates a level tiled floor throughout the bathroom with no ledges or trip hazards. This is most suitable for individuals who need wheelchair access.

In terms of the shower itself it’s best to have a shower head fitted on a riser, rather than in a fixed position. The ability to adjust or even remove the shower head, means that it can used when standing, seated or for hand washing.

For those who would still like the occasional use of a bath consider fitting one of the modern ‘shower bath’ options, with a built in door for easy access and a discreet shower screen.

Slip resistant bathroom floor coverings

The most obvious and important aspect of any bathroom is the floor. Remember: there is no such thing as anti-slip flooring for bathrooms. Whether you chose vinyl, tiles or natural stone make sure that you choose one which has a high degree of slip resistance – wet or dry. Texture finishes are best. Do not use any rugs or mats which do not have a slip resistant backing.

Underfloor heating is an excellent way to keep damp bathroom floors dry but is not always suitable for use with vinyl floor coverings.

Fitting an extractor fan is also a good idea to reduce the level of ambient moisture in the bathroom during and after use. Less condensation, especially on the floor, means less chance of a slip hazard.

Stylish hand rails and convenient adapted toilets

For many older people moving from standing to sitting, or vice versa, can be difficult. This is especially the case with modern toilets which can be quite low to the ground. Consider replacing with a modern raised toilet, available in a range of stylish designs and colours, in heights from 390 mm to 460 mm.

Hand rails positioned at strategic points in the shower or around the toilet are vital. Modern designs with stylish finishes, such as chrome or stainless steel, which match taps and towel rails avoid the functional, ‘hospital’ look.

For more information, ideas or to view our selection of safe luxury bathroom displays simply contact us or visit the Room H2O Bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset.

A Colourful Future For Shower Enclosures?

Word famous designer, Giorgio Armani, once said, “The difference between style and fashion is quality”. Whilst he may have been thinking primarily about clothes it’s a statement which holds true for many things: not least of which being the increasing popularity of coloured shower screens.

Looking back to the early 2000’s shower enclosures were almost exclusively only available with polished silver, white or occasionally gold frame around a clear, patterned or frosted glass. Whilst polished silver with clear glass shower enclosures remained a popular choice they were joined in popularity by the frameless or semi-frameless shower screens – utilising slightly thicker glass to offset the lack of framework.

Recently advances in both technology and changing tastes have seen somewhat of a renaissance in the ‘traditional’ options of polished metal, such as bronze, or plain white shower enclosures. Today, matt painted blacks, whites and a large range of varied metal finishes, such as antique gold, bronze or brushed stainless steel shower enclosures are adding to the choices available.

However, rising quickly in popularity a newcomer is starting to make its presence increasingly felt: the coloured shower enclosure.

Whilst innovation and changing tastes can always be relied upon to bring new styles and looks to a market this current trend in abandoning the older gold, white or stainless steel shower enclosures can be traced back to the introduction of coloured shower trays by manufacturers such as Fiora. Most recently, the launch of their ‘Box’ coloured shower wall panels – designed to match the colour of their shower trays – has stimulated the shower enclosure market.

It seems likely that rather than being a simple fad the increasing popularity of coloured shower screens marks a significant trend toward increased customisation – with an ever widening choice available to consumers and bathroom designers. So, what options might we see in the future?

Certainly, both frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures, featuring the traditional polished meta finishes will continue to be popular – Not everyone is enamoured with the idea of solid black shower screens! However, with an ever growing choice of colours and finishes available premium framed shower enclosures may well see a resurgence in popularity due to designers and shower enclosure manufacturers embracing new methods to drive creativity.

Whilst powder coating will undoubtedly enable customers to match their shower enclosure to a specific colour scheme, as with tiles and shower trays, metal spraying technology will also feature strongly. The ability to offer a wide range of metallic finishes and hues could well invigorate the market for bronze, gold or simple stainless steel shower enclosures again.

Naturally, it seems likely that it won’t just be the colour or finish of the frame which changes when it comes to showers – but also the glass itself. Whilst, coloured glass has been available some time the current trends point strongly to this becoming a much more popular option – after all why not have blue glass to match the frame and tray of your new enclosure?

To us it looks clear that the future colours and styles of shower screens will be far from a black and white choice.

Presenting The New 3D Shadow Tile Collection

At Room H2o we pride ourselves on offering our customers the ultimate in luxury bathroom products. So we’re particularly excited to welcome the New Year with the introduction of the highly innovative ‘3D Shadow’ Onyx-effect tile collection by Porcel-Thin.

Embracing advances in 3D digital tile printing, this outstanding collection of ultra-thin tiles offers a truly sumptuous addition to any bathroom. Traditional Onyx-effect tiles are given a whole new dimension with 3D printing, creating a depth to the tile’s surface that makes a beautifully stylish and subtle statement.

Tiles rich in colour and texture

This collection impeccably captures the splendor of Onyx in each tile, from the crystalline texture to the rich colours and complex details of its surface. With a beautiful polished finish, these stunning porcelain tiles are available in six charming colours – from the luxurious warm tones of ‘Royal Jade’ to the elegant stone effect of ‘River Onyx’ – each one is crafted to tastefully enhance any bathroom or wet room design.

A flawless tiled finish

The ultra-thin tiles in Porcel-Thin’s Shadow collection are less than half as thick and heavy as a standard porcelain tile, at just 5.5mm. But with absolutely no compromise on strength – independent tests have proven them to be almost twice as strong. And, because the tiles can be easily cut, drilled and shaped with standard tiling tools, you can be sure of a truly flawless finish.

This exquisite new collection from Porcel-Thin allows you to bring the breathtaking beauty of Onyx to any domestic or commercial bathroom or wet room, while offering low maintenance and durability. Available in extra large 1800 x 900mm and 900 x 900mm standard sizes, these ultra-thin porcelain tiles are also kind to the environment as they use less material and energy to produce.

Find out more about these exciting new 3D Shadow Onyx-effect porcelain tiles, by contacting us today.

Transform Any Space With a Luxury Shower Enclosure

At Room H2o we believe every bathroom should be a beautiful and relaxing place, no matter what size or shape it is. Our range of bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures, and made-to-measure shower trays, allow you to create a luxurious experience, in any space.

With our individually designed frameless glass shower enclosures, which we manufacture here at Room H2o, even the most awkward spaces, such as loft conversions with sloping roofs, can be transformed to your exact layout and size requirements.

Sleek design

Unlike standard shower enclosures, our stylish frameless showers have no metal fixtures or framework, just sleek, clear glass, which is fixed to the wall with discreet brackets and clear silicone sealant. This means glass can be angled and shaped exactly as you need it to be, to accommodate a sloping ceiling, beams or a dwarf wall at the end of your bath, for example.

Each frameless glass shower enclosure boasts extra thick (10mm) toughened safety glass and quality features, such as self-closing hinges, and we design each one individually using state-of-the-art technology.

Privilege made-to-measure shower trays

Our shower enclosures can be installed on both shower trays and tiled wetroom floors. To truly complement your shower screen, our stunning collection of Privilege extra-flat shower trays can also be made to measure, in both size and shape. This exquisite range offers the ultimate in contemporary bathroom design – hardwearing and practical, with no compromise on style.

Professionally installed

Our stunning showers need to be accurately measured and manufactured, so we highly recommend professional installation. We offer an in-house measurement and installation service, to make sure your frameless shower enclosure fits perfectly.

To find out more about our bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures, and our exquisite Privilege extra-flat shower tray collection, please contact us.

The Best Places to Get Advice & Inspiration For Your Bathroom Design

Any interior design project can be overwhelming. And when it comes to bathroom design, there are so many fabulous products, innovative ideas and evolving trends, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here’s a guide to the best places to go for inspiration, ideas and expert advice for your bespoke bathroom design project.

Bathroom design inspiration is just a click away

The internet is bursting with ideas and bathroom design advice. There are a host of online magazines and websites dedicated to bathroom design. For example, if you visit idealhome.co.uk/bathrooms, you’ll be presented with an array of wonderful concepts for bathrooms of all shapes, sizes and themes, as well as tips on decorating, finding the perfect fixtures and fittings, and expert advice on everything from bespoke shower design to laying tiles.

The Ideal Home website is a great source for bespoke bathroom design ideas

Websites suchas Ideal Home are a great resources for bespoke bathroom design ideas

Room H2o’s Pinterest profile is crammed full of suggestions to inspire you – whether you’re looking for ideas for en suite bathrooms, shower design, or you want to have a look at some examples of our made-to-measure shower screens, there are hundreds of pins to help you get your creative juices flowing. You’re also sure to be inspired if you stop by and take a look at our Houzz projects and idea books, too.

Room H2o Houzz profile for bespoke bathroom design projects and ideas

Visit the Room H2o Houzz and Pinterest profiles for bespoke bathroom design ideas and projects

View bespoke bathroom design at showrooms or events

One of the greatest ways to glean ideas for bespoke bathroom design is to see examples in-situ. If you visit our large showroom in Wareham, Dorset, you can see a range of fantastic products from some of the leading bathroom designers and brands. From luxurious showering solutions, including frameless shower screens and ultra-thin shower trays, to stylish brassware, gorgeous furniture and exquisite tile collections from our sister company, UK Tiles Direct. With stunning display bays, you’ll be able to envisage the possibilities for your own bespoke bathroom design.

You can see the latest bathroom products and get bespoke bathroom design advice at the Room H2o showroom in Wareham Dorset

You can see the latest bathroom products and get bespoke bathroom design advice at the Room H2o showroom in Wareham Dorset

You could also visit one of the many industry shows around the country, for more inspirational ideas for your bathroom design project. The Ideal Home Show runs at Olympia, in London, around March/April each year, encompassing everything to do with the home, including the very latest interior design trends. Grand Designs Live is on at the NEC in Birmingham from 11th to 15th October this year, with over 500 exhibitors offering innovative ideas and up-to-the-minute design solutions for every room of the home, including bathrooms.

Grand Designs Live and similar interiors shows are great for getting bespoke bathroom design ideas

Vist shows such as Grand Designs Live and the Ideal Home Show for bathroom design ideas

Speak to an expert bathroom designer

Enlisting the help of a professional is a great way to make sure you achieve the bespoke bathroom design of your dreams. Whether an interior designer or one of Room H2o’s expert bathroom designers, you could actually find you save money in the long run by investing in professional help at the beginning. If you have a bathroom design consultation with one of our designers, you’ll benefit from expert advice on everything from style, design, layout, materials and installation, which could help you avoid making any expensive mistakes.

Bathroom design plans created by Room H2o using Virtual Worlds design and visualisation software

A professional bathroom designer will be able to provide advice and technical assitance for your bespoke bathroom design

See your bespoke bathroom design come to life

With our state-of-the-art bespoke bathroom design software, you can actually see your bathroom design before you buy. Our in-house CAD-based software allows us to generate floor plans and 3D illustrations of your bathroom, taking into account all your ideas and aspirations, which will be discussed in detail at your bathroom design consultation. This is the perfect way to see your dream bathroom design brought to life.

This luxury bathroom was designed by Room H2o for a client in Bournemouth using Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds bathroom design software, as used by Room H2o, allows you to see and make changes to your bespoke bathroom design before you buy

For more inspirational bespoke bathroom design ideas, please visit our large bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset, today.

Our Guide To Planning A Great En-suite Bathroom

En-suite bathrooms are a great addition to any home, for comfort, convenience and value. But there’s lot to think about when planning your en-suite bathroom design – from plumbing and electrics to fixtures and fittings. Here’s a guide to help you get the most from your en-suite bathroom installation and design

Loft en-suite bathroom with frameless walk-in shower screen

Loft en-suite bathroom with frameless walk-in shower screen

Think about the space you have for an en-suite bathroom

Where are you planning to put your en-suite? The space you have available is the determining factor in what you can do with your en-suite bathroom design. But, thanks to clever space-saving ideas and bespoke products like made-to-measure shower screens, even the smallest of areas can be transformed into an en-suite bathroom.

An en-suite bathroom design proposal created with Virtual Worlds

An en-suite bathroom design proposal created with Virtual Worlds 

Take time to think about how you can make the most of the space you have. Do you need a simple, convenient en-suite bathroom or do you want to create a more luxurious place to relax? Chic shower designs, whether an over-bath shower or a shower enclosure with a frameless glass shower screen, and fabulous bathroom tiles – from large porcelain tiles to mosaics and marble – will all help you create your perfect space.

The construction of your en-suite bathroom

If you’re re-fitting an en-suite bathroom, you probably won’t need building regulations approval, as long as you’re just replacing existing fittings with new ones. If you’re fitting a new en-suite bathroom, then it’s likely you’ll need building regulations approval to make sure ventilation, drainage, electrical work and structural stability meet standard requirements.

If your bathroom design involves creating a new room or partitioning an existing one, then you’ll need to add extra walls, and the construction of these is highly important. You would usually build a stud wall, with a timber frame and plasterboard over the top, which should be water resistant to help avoid damp. It’s also worth thinking at this stage if you want the structure of your en-suite bathroom to be part of the overall bathroom design – for example, open beams or exposed brickwork.

Heating and plumbing options for an en-suite bathroom design

There are many heating and plumbing options to consider for your en-suite bathroom – from the type of boiler you have down to the water pressure. And these will be some of the determining factors when you’re choosing the fixtures for your bathroom design.

If you have a combi boiler, you need to make sure it has enough hot water flow to supply to another bathroom, and check your water pressure so you can choose the right taps and ensure the most appropriate shower installation. In en-suite bathroom design, heated towel rails are a popular choice over radiators, as a practical solution where space is limited.

Cutaway bathroom floor showing Thermonet electric underfloor heating system

Cutaway bathroom floor showing Thermonet electric underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating is ideal in an en-suite bathroom, for a continuous warm environment. Electric underfloor heating works brilliantly with large, thin porcelain tiles, keeping them lovely and warm underfoot and allowing for quick drying.

Choosing your en-suite bathroom lighting and electrics

First and foremost, safety is key when it comes to the lighting and electrics for your en-suite bathroom. Always consult a qualified and registered electrician to help with installing your electrics and lighting, as there are strict regulations on what you can use in a wet environment.

Effective bathroom lighting highlights design features and washing areas

Effective bathroom lighting in this luxury en-suite highlights design features and washing areas

Your choice of lighting can set the mood, make wonderful effects and help to give the illusion of a bigger space. Using different kinds of lighting can create wonderful ambience, offer practicality and really brighten things up if you don’t have a window in your en-suite bathroom. Well-placed spotlights are good for giving bright and directional light, and can be surface mounted or set into walls, ceilings and floors.

Selecting tiles for the floor and walls of your en-suite bathroom

Bathroom tiles offer a world of opportunities for both the style and function of your en-suite bathroom. Our sister company, UK Tiles Direct, has a fabulous range of tiling ideas for en-suite bathrooms. The beautiful collection of ceramic, natural stone and coloured glass mosaic tiles are ideal for both walls and floors – from the sophisticated Cosmos Grey and Black Square, to the stunning beige hues of Planet Gold Circle. Add a splash of colour with Quartz Red or go bold with Lagos Lima or Lagos Corinto – guaranteed to inject personality and brighten up any space.

Porcel-Thin book matched white marble porcelain tiles create and eye-catching backdrop for the elegant freestanding bath

Porcel-Thin book matched white marble porcelain tiles create and eye-catching backdrop for the elegant freestanding bath  

With a stunning selection of large porcelain tiles, you can create a wonderfully spacious and seamless floor, with fewer grout lines for easier upkeep. Advances in technology have made it possible to produce exceptionally realistic marble and wood look tiles, which are a fabulous and extremely hardwearing alternative to the real thing. The stunning Silk Silver marble effect exudes luxury, while the Jurassic Vein Black brings a striking ‘wow factor’ to any en-suite bathroom.

Always use the right products when installing your bathroom tiles, like waterproof tile adhesive and waterproof tile grout, available from the Kerakoll range.

Your en-suite bathroom fixtures and fittings

Possibly one of the biggest considerations when installing an en-suite bathroom is your choice of fixtures and fittings. Much of this will be determined by the space you have to work with, but you certainly don’t have to compromise on style, even in the smallest of rooms.

At Room H2o, we have a wide range of luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings to suit all tastes and budgets. Our selection includes both modern and traditional basin taps including designer offerings from major brands, such as Vado, Crosswater, Woodstock and Rialto. We also have a variety of high-quality toilets to suit any en-suite bathroom design – from wall hung and floor standing, to duel flush and water saving options.

Designer Hero wall hung toilet and wide vanity unit by Roper Rhodes

Hero designer wall hung toilet and wide vanity unit by Roper Rhodes

Our extensive selection of shower enclosures, frameless glass shower screens, made-to-measure shower screens and bespoke shower trays offers something for everyone. For the epitome of luxury, make a bold, contemporary statement with the innovative Drench range of black shower enclosures, or choose one of our stunning frameless glass shower enclosures, made to your exact requirements.

From our highly skilled bathroom designers to our installation technicians, our team of experts is here to help you create your perfect en-suite bathroom. Get in touch with us or visit our large bathroom and tile showroom in Wareham, Dorset, today.

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